Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wonderful Weeks

Hi lovelies! :D Busy few weeks again- I love being busy!
Two weeks ago was my bestest friend in the whole worlds birthday- Kelly! <3 So on the Wednesday I took a trip into the city to buy her some pressies :3

I decided to go very country. hehe. I just love my cowboy boots! :D
In the end I got her a bunch of gal-style clothes, which I think she really liked, and also some Sailor Mars slippers! ^_^ I went out to lunch with her, her boyfriend, and her parents (whom I had not met until then) at Sushi Train and it was really lovely! :D

Then on the Saturday it was her party! It was Purikura themed, so I helped her set up a booth to take lotsa photos in, it was really DIY but so so awesome! :D

Lindzi and I looking like boozers with our hardcore Cruisers, haha!

Me, the birthday girl Kelly, and Bonnie being cute!

Michael and me <3


Clockwise from top:  Kelly, Bee, Me, Suz and Lauren. Dont ask me what was going on here. haha!
It was a really awesome night! (if you noticed, I changed my outfit throughout the night... Started out with my AP salopete and changed into the stripey dress cos it was more comfortable! lol)

Then the next week my Mum came and visited me! She met Michael (he was so nervous, poor fella! ><) and we went out for tea altogether on the Wednesday night. Then on Thursday Mum and I went shopping! I was having that shopping itch... hehe.
(clockwise) I got a some sale wedges, a pretty sweet-heart neckline dress, a highwaist tutu skirt, and a long cardigan and navy-style printed top from work :D
and also two other dresses (black floral backless one, and a classic shape bird print one)
I felt MUCH better after that trip! haha! It was reasonably cheap, too, because I made an effort to shop at the cheaper stores! lol!

Then, yesterday, my Liz Lisa stuff arrived! :D
Seriously stoked with everything I got! The jumper is incredibly soft, as is the dress, and the skirt has built-in shorts (which I totally didn't realise when I purchased it, but is a wanted surprise!). Now I'm looking for some cute over-knee brown boots to match better with the newer clothes I've been getting... hehe.
To celebrate the new additions to my wardrobe, I actually did my makeup/hair for work yesterday! LOL! I'm normally too slack. :P
Bad lighting, sorry ><;
I had a few compliments from the other workers in our shopping centre- they really notice when I make an effort! haha!

Hopefully this Friday Michael and I will go to the zoo/botanics :3 So I will try to take some photos of cute animals!! haha!
Hope everyone is well and enjoying life!
Stay classy, Planet Earth!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Macarons and Parades

Hello everyone!
Today, I am sick :( I was getting ready for work last night, and within 3 seconds was seriously ill >_< Apparently its a virus thats been going around! So today was my day off- and I had planned to go shopping, but now I'm stuck in bed!!

My last post was of our gal shopping trip, and I never got to post a coordinate, so here it is:

It was so warm outside, but I couldn't NOT wear my cowboy boots! lol!
The skirt is from DreamV, its so comfortable and ruffly! (with built in shorts!)

Well, last Wednesday was Australia Day, so it was a national holiday! We had been asked by AJA (Australia Japan Association) to be in the Australia Day parade, so we had a relaxing day before getting ready for the parade!
We went to the new macaron shop- The Mac Factory!

Kelly and I in our salopettes :3 

 I didn't feel like having heavy makeup on, so just some simple false lashes! (lol, I'm all like "YAY!")

The people who own The Mac Factory are SO NICE! They offered us glasses of water and chatted to us the whole time. Plus, the macarons were AWESOME. I got (from left to right clockwise): jaffa, strawberries and cream, raspberry, nutella, and freckle! It makes my mouth water just looking at them! <3

Then we had to get ready for the parade!
I pretty much had the same makeup I'd put on that morning ><; SO LAZY! But I put my hair up- because it was still really hot outside and yukatas (despite being for summer) are rather warm!!

Bonnie, Me, Susannah and Kelly at the parade! <3 MAH LOVELY GIRLS <3

Obligatory lolita-esque  foot shot! :D

I stuck my flags in my obi to give me wings! :D

a beautiful float in the parade!

at the end of the parade, the other participants passed us, and I was like "OH MY GOD, BRAZILIAN DANCERS!!!" and became all creepy in taking photos of them... LOL!

And at the end of the parade, with Yuki!
It was so darn warm ><;

We didn't stay for the fireworks, we were too hungry!! haha! So we raced off to Sushi Train!
It was a really great day! I hope I can have a day off soon (when I'm not bed ridden ><;) where I can hang with everyone again!

Well, today I had planned to go shopping- but that idea went out the door with my immune system. And in feeling sick, I feel awfully sorry for myself, so I decided to scour some online stores! :D
And what do I find: some awesome things on sale on Lis Lisa's site!
I've never purchased any official 'gyaru brand' before- so this is a bit exciting!
So, I feel slightly more satisfied now. My bank account is lighter- which it really shouldn't be, what with trying to save for Japan this year. B-but I NEEDED IT!

I hope to write again soon! :D And I hope I am 100% better by tomorrow!

Catcha sweeties!