Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hello lovelies!
I would apologize again for the delay in entries, but I have come to the conclusion that I am an irregular blogger and thats how its probably always going to be! hehe!
I've finished with the write-up on Tokyo Hardcore's opening, so I will post it soon. ^_^ Today as I am at work and I'm being sneaky (sneaky sneaky me) I thought I would do a tiny update!

Besides having a few things on laybuy at Tokyo Hardcore (which I will be picking up this week! Two blouses and two bags, all Angelic Pretty) I recently splurged on myself with more Angelic Pretty! I really loved the design of their Sugar Hearts one piece, especially because I dont own anything in chiffon and the print was adorable, so I grabbed the OP in pink!
Its seriously comfortable. In fact, its ALOT bigger than all my other OP's; it has full back shirring but even I was surprised at the sizing. Two of my friends tried on Marionette Clock a few weeks ago and it was way too big on them- a good two sizes too big- and that was unshirred, so I am wondering if Angelic Pretty have started making their sizing bigger? Personally- I hope not! Sugar Hearts doesn't sit as well on me as my other dresses because of this; but I still love it anyway!

I also did a dramatic le-splat on to my desk when I saw the previews for Angelic Pretty's new print Decoration Dream, and knew I had to get it! I dont own any of the 'similar' prints, Dreamy Dollhouse or Merry Making Party, etc, so I knew it was a good purchase! Plus, IT HAS PONY COOKIES! XD
I contacted Chibi_Tenshi from Livejournal, as I've had many many MANY positive experiences with her shopping service in the past, and she was able to grab the bustle jumperskirt and headbow in pink for me! So very excited about it! I've asked Suz if she can grab any pony bags to sell in her store so I can buy them to match, but we will see <3

I'm going to try my best for the next few weeks (lol!) to not buy anything for myself! Even though Angelic Pretty has released previews of their next print, Twinkle Carousel, I am determined not to get it! hehe. Well, I'm TRYING to talk myself out of it! haha! Plus, I have a whole month break off work over Christmas and New Years- AGHH, NO INCOME! So I need to save some moolah! lol. On top of THAT, I still need to get materials for my project. Its been postponed unfortunately :( only because none of the suppliers I contacted replied to me!! So, I've found replacement suppliers and I need to order from them before Christmas.
The new Twinkle Carousel, thoughts?

Next month is going to be a busy one for me- my family is celebrating Christmas earlier this year because half of the family will be away in England on December 25th, so we are having it first weekend in December! I'm excited as I haven't actually been home since April (I think?), but also a little sad because Mikey wont be able to come with me. It'll be the first full weekend since moving in together that we will be apart for more than 1 night *__* FIRST WORLD PROBLEMSSSS haha! But I'm only going for 2 nights/3days. Then its my birthday on the 15th! Then on the 16th there is another Neko Nation, which this time I am not working as a neko maid so I've created a cute outfit for the night- lets hope everything gets here in time. The following night I'm having a little gathering at a restaurant to celebrate me being older, I only want a little thing cos I'm only turning 23. Then the week after we are having a Christmas gal meet with Diamond Hearts, and shortly after that it will be Christmas! PHEW! XD I'm not sure what I am doing for New Years yet- most likely I will spend it with Mikey because he may be going off for a month for the Army. If he leaves early January, I will fly home for a week or so until my work reopens. At least it will give me time to do my project in dad's shed! ^_^ Although I KNOW I will go stir-crazy without my man around.

Other than purchasing alot of stuff, its been quiet for me lately. Everyone is still very busy- including myself- so I dont get to see my girls as much anymore (sad face) and all the lolita meets that have been organized I haven't been able to attend! The next one will be on the weekend that my family is celebrating Christmas, fuuuuu.

Also, I've been selling some of my lolita! Mostly because they are pieces I dont wear, and even some I've never worn! XD Mikey made a good point, saying that because I only really attend a meet every 3 months I cant keep buying a new dress every month- I will never get to wear some! Plus, I'm running out of room... and I want to spend my money on pieces that I REALLY love. I've sold some things, but I've got a bodyline coat and Angelic Pretty's Wonder Cookie jsk that I'm hoping to sell, and a cheep blouse from Anna House. I had a buyer for my bodyline Alice set, but she hasn't paid in a week and chances are she wont (sigh, flakey buyers!!) so I'm just going to lower the price and hopefully someone from my local comm with buy it. :P I shouldn't complain, really, but it is frustrating when I write SOLD on a dress and the buyer never pays!

Anyways- this post was mainly just a run-down on my life currently- as boring as it is! haha!
I will post the Tokyo Hardcore opening write-up soon, just got to collect some good photos.

Stay classy! <3

Monday, October 24, 2011

Things I miss

Hey lovelies!
I've got a fever, so I'm stuck at home on the couch wrapped in blankets/jumpers/socks etc and I am feeling rather sorry for myself.
So here is a photo journal of things that I am missing- all of them are of my home and my family ><;

 lol, yes I miss Mikey. He's at work and I am so lonely ><;

 my big sis

So yeah, feeling rather lonely and missing my family and home. It feels like everyone is so busy now- and I know they are, I mean, I'm busy too! lol! So I dont get to see anyone as much any more and I think its taking a toll.
But I got to hang with the girls briefly last sunday! ^_^

 Squatting in Mikey's store as I'm waiting for him to close up.
Me and Nans' <3

So yah.
Will post soon about Tokyo Hardcore's grand opening this Friday.

Peace out!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm alive! SPAM TIME

Hi lovelies!
Sorry about the random blog hiatus, it was accidental! XD Life got a bit busy, and I found myself forgetting to update.
So this is a post to say I'M STILL ALIVE! and show some recent buys/outfits/events from the last month or so.
ps, I will get around to finishing the Lolita Meme, but I dont know when! Sorry! *is a terrible blogger*

So, I've had a few events but I wont get into detail, just show some photos ^_^

1st, had a mini AVCon one day convention. I cosplayed as Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles

2nd, the Moon Lantern Festival was held in our city to celebrate OzAsia
Kelly, Jenita and I in our yukata

3rd, Kelly and I were Cat Gurls for the Neko Nation nightclub again

4th, Kelly and I were also neko maids for another mini all-ages gaming event

Kelly and Suz being adorable! <3

5th, I finally cleaned my spare room! ...thats a big event, right?! XD
My lolita rack is bending precariously.... >_>

Recent Buys!
I had a huge shop from Taobao a while ago and stocked up on tons of cute summer dresses! I didnt take any photos, however ><; so... just believe me when I say they are cute! lol!

New bathers from Aimerfeel, a Japanese online lingerie store ^_^

 GUESS WHAT I GOT? XD So happy/excited about this!! Found it on Mbok, and got it for under $200US so pretty stoked! XD
 Chiffon blouse by Angelic Pretty- very excited about this!
And a little bunny-head pouch by Angelic Pretty! ^_^

Sailor Moon re-release in English! :D I am so happy that they are re-releasing these! Dream come true!

Also some things from Yumetenbo:
 I got this in pink and grey!
 I want to try Hime-gyaru soon, so I got myself some hime pumps in pinkxwhite!
And I got these in pink! :D I LOVE COWBOY BOOTS! <3

and look what I found in a little store in China Town?!
A W<3C shirt! And for pretty cheep too! What are the chances of that in THIS city? XD

I cant think of anything else that I got atm- besides from a few dvds, some compression shirts for Mikey, new perfume, etc. XD I love shopping wayyyy too much!!

Some random outfits:

Whats that I feel?! What on earth could it be?! Oh, thats right! ITS THE SUN! lol!
After what felt like a long rainy winter, Spring arrived and I was finally able to start wearing things without scarves or tights! <3

 ^Shorts underneath, to save me flashing mah undies XD

 ^Cooler day again, but better than wearing work clothes! XD
 ^Day at the park!

^Lunch with my man

Other things...
So, with the announcement of Angelic Pretty's 10 anniversary coming up in December, Suz and I were discussing flying to Tokyo to attend as part of her business Tokyo Hardcore (which is the only store in the southern hemisphere who stocks Angelic Pretty direct from Japan), especially for the chance to see a glimpse of next years prints. But that kinda fell through- in the end it was too short notice/too expensive (I would've had to take out a loan and Suz would've had to pay for her translator to get to Tokyo etc). I was a little disappointed, as I got my hopes up- considering the anniversary event was the 14th- the day before my birthday! But I'm ok with it now. Instead this December I am booking flights and accommodation to visit Japan in March/April next year- hopefully with Suz and her partner, and maybe some other girls too! (If only Mikey didn't work so much, I could drag him along too! hehe!) So, I'm excited all over again! ^_^

In other news, I've started a big project that I hope to complete before summer! All in all I guessed the total cost to be around $500Aus, and if I work hard it should be doable in a month. Mikey is keen to help out too, which really makes me happy! I've purchased the first part of the project, and I am waiting for it to arrive before I continue- I dont know if its RIGHT for what I'm after, so if it isn't I will have to make a new one to the correct dimensions. I want to tell you what it is, but it will have to wait! XD I've kept it a secret from most people, so it will be interesting to see their reactions once its done!

Got my eye on a new camera with a big lens kit. :3 I've had my crappy happy-snapper for almost 3 years now, and the quality of the images are horrible in todays standards. The one I am looking at is a Panasonic, its still rather small but the quality is awesome... and its pink. XD Again, I'm looking at being set back around $600-$700 for the camera plus lens kit, so it might take a few months of saving (and not buying as much stuff as usual) before I can get it. I would've loved lay-buy, however I dont think its in stores yet in Australia. So I can only get it online for now! XD

Mum and Dad went to Sumatra for two weeks- Dad pretty much surfed all trip and Mum made friends with everybody ^_^ When they landed back in Australia, I picked them up from the airport and spent the day with them before their final flight back home. THEY WERE SO TAN *___* So envious!! It is now my mission to get a tan, whether it be via sunlight or bottle! haha!

That is all I can conjure up from my memories right now! XD
Stay classy Planet Earth!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

AVCon Part 2.

Hello lovelies!
So, I'm sick... which gives me plenty of time to finish the second post about my weekend at AVCon! :D

Saturday I got up ~reasonably~ early to start sticking on my latex ears. I had never done it before- which is always a great way to start a convention! haha!! But I've worked with latex and Spirit Gum before so I figured it wouldn't take too long to do- and luckily for me, it didnt! :D
Here's the end result, with makeup/ears/wig
I cosplayed as Primo from a game called Tales of Arcana- she's a fairy who came out of the Tarot card Wisdom. I wanted something REALLY simple but cute to cosplay! Kelly sewed the dress for me- I am so so thankful she helped me! XD

 Lauren and I at the convention- I love her Sweet Jam coordination! XD

 At one point I got mobed by a group of photographers. Poor Mikey just had to stand there holding my bag  ><; He was incredibly patient throughout the whole day!!

 Full outfit shot- I had to build up quite a bit of courage to wear something so tight! But I felt really pretty, so I dont care what haters are going to say ^_^
 One of my favourite photos from the day- Paula McManus took it! She took a beautiful photo of me last year at AVCon too, so it was wonderful to bump into her again! :D

 Suz, me and Bee at Suz's stall Tokyo Hardcore- she'll be opening up the storefront in a month or so! XD How exciting!!!

A nice shot of my wings ^_^ I kept taking people out with it every time I turned around. Poor Mikey got a face-full of wing more than a dozen times!! XD

That night we had planned to go out, but all of us were so exhausted!! So instead we had a quiet one all separately- which sucked alittle cos I had already gotten dressed ready for tea! haha!

 My outfit I was going to wear! haha! XD

Sunday was THE. BIG. DAY.
After soooo long preparing, Kelly sewing her little fingers off, much hand-sewing and gluing, our Super Sailor Moon cosplay was complete and ready for its debut! :D
I got up really early to do my makeup and then ran off to Kelly's house- where we all met and got ready together! It helped having people around to assist with the pinning and wig-fixing XD
My finished outfit! :D
I felt so great! The cosplay was perfect! XD
We got so many photos taken of us- and we even found a really lovely Tuxedo Mask who posed with us! It was such a busy, fun day.
 All of our group on stage <3
Nana as Saturn, Sam as Mercury, Lauren as Jupiter, me as Moon, Kelly as Mars, Bee as Venus and Adele as Pluto.
 <3 POSE <3
 hehe, funny faces! XD
 Jupiter and Moon get distracted by the wedding rings! hehe!
 Rei sighs "oh Usagi..."
Fun perspective shot ^_^
Me/Moon and Lauren/Jupiter
End of the night
By the end of the day, I was exhausted. My feet hurt too- haha! But we grabbed some dinner around 10pm and made our way home.

It was such an awesome weekend!!! So awesome, infact, that AVCon is holding a one day event in September... which I am totally going to! XD (I've already organised my cosplay for the day, heh heh)

Now, I'm going back to bed so I can recover! My head feels like its in a bucket. lol!

Peace out!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

AVCon Part 1.

Hey lovelies!
WOW, what a weekend!
So my hiatus has hopefully come to an end- as now I have more time to update thanks to the end of this weekend! After all the preparations, our cities anime and videogaming convention finally arrived. I managed to wear gal, lolita AND cosplay- so I felt rather satisfied Sunday night when I finally went to bed! XD

I'm trying to keep it short and sweet! hehe!

So, my weekend technically began Thursday night. We went out for tea gal-style to celebrate the lovely Suzanna's birthday! :D We ate at an all-you-can-eat Japanese resturant. OH GAWD it was yummy!! Pretty sure I'm addicted to Takoyaki.

My make for the night- its not very clear here, but I'm wearing my grey Diamond lenses! :D

Lauren and I couldnt keep a straight face most of the night. You can see Lauren's awesome deco nails here- she makes her own! Her brand is called Sparkle Peach (look it up on Facebook! :D)


 Nana is luring me in with her feminine wiles.

 Kelly posing- SO CUTE AND FUNNY!! XD

 Suzanna cutting her yummy chocolate moose cake (lol moose) Craig is wearing an Angelic Pretty jumper of hers! And Nana is pulling a sexy face ;)

 nom nom nom- Suz loved her cake!! <3

 My outfit for the night- I got the replica Liz Lisa overknee boots! XD
Dress is a Liz Lisa replica
Skirt (which I wore underneath for safety!) is Liz Lisa
Cardigan and bag is ValleyGirl

Suz and me! <3
On Friday Mikey and I spent the day chillin- knowing full well how busy our weekend was going to be! Then that afternoon we caught up with everyone in the city to go to AVCon's opening night and out for karaoke. I wore Milky Planet again as it had been sitting in my closet safely for nearly a year without wear!! XD

Kelly and I at AVCon picking up our passes

 Angelic Pretty lovers! XD Bee wore Sugary Carnival- I should've worn mine! ><;

 Mikey and I- lol, he looks so serious! <3

I love Angelic Pretty so so so much ^__^
OP, headbow, socks, cardigan, bag, wristcuffs: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: SS
Hair accessories: chocomint

 <3 this shot is so cute!! Lauren was coordinated awesomely!!

 <3 <3 <3

Bee and Freya choosing their next song at Karaoke!

And that's all for the first part of my weekend! XD Saturday and Sunday I cosplayed at the convention, and it was heaps of fun!
I will upload part 2 as soon as I get time! ^_^

Hope everyone is well!
Stay classy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

uncut diamond

Hello lovelies! :)
I'm terrible at keeping my promises- this is such a late update! ><;
Not much has happened in the last few weeks, to be honest. I'm rather boring, aren't I? lol!

One thing DID happen to me this week which really effected me. It probably sounds pretty tame/stupid ><; Somebody called me fat. And unfortunately, I have a pretty warped body image, so I took this pretty hard. It sucked the happiness out of me- it made me stare at myself in the mirror and think "maybe I've been fat all along and never realized?" I'm not happy with my body on the best of days- so to have someone (who I thought was a friend) say that I'm fat cut me pretty deep.
I'm finally getting over it, though. lol! I dont feel unhappy anymore. My life is amazing and I cant let one thing someone said get me down about myself! XD
I just wish people would realise the impact of what they say. Even little things can hurt.

Well, on a lighter note!
Mikey was being a total sweetheart last week- he bought me 3 pieces of really beautiful jewellery and took me out to lunch in the city :D
...where I convinced him to do ACTUAL purikura! <3

Also, some random outfit shots from the last week.
I dont get to wear much of my nice clothes anymore because I work so much ><;

 work outfit- I try to stay comfortable because I have to walk 15mins from the tram to work and back each day. But I still want to look like ME. lol!

 Lunch date outfit at SushiTrain with Mikey. It was pouring with rain! ><;

 Dinner with the girls- I finally got to wear my Liz Lisa jumper again, its so soft and pretty <3

Also, I hate winter  >_____________<  Bring on spring!!! You can probably notice the trend of scarf/beanie. I dont mind the cold, but I much prefer to wear cute summer dresses!! Winter makes my hair messy, stops me getting a bit of a tan, and its colddddd! At least it doesnt snow, I hate the snow. LOL! *grumbles*

I'm going to bed cos I am EXHAUSTED! XD I've become an old lady these past few weeks- I want to go to sleep super early every night! hehe!

I will leave you with a photo of our dessert pizza from tonight! Four of us shared it, and even then I couldnt finish my piece ><; It was Mars Bar inspired and SO YUMMEH! XD

Stay classy planet earth! :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

little update

Hi everyone! :D
Just a little update- I'm trying to keep up to date with things! lol!

On Saturday was International Lolita Day and our city had a big meetup- which I was unable to go to! I didn't mind, though, as we were celebrating Mikey's birthday.
That morning Mikey, Jeremy and I went for a hike again. Although we were running short on time, so literally we ran. I forgot how much I love running! :D When we got home we each jumped in and out of the shower, and half an hour later were on the road again to meet more of Mikey's friends for lunch!
I took this lunch opportunity to wear at least ONE piece of my lolita wardrobe, as to not forsake ILD. haha!
I look all sneaky in my sunnies... haha!
Fantastic Dolly jsk: Angelic Pretty
Sunnies: Dolce & Gabbana
Beanie: Curvys
Everything else: Offbrand
We went to the Hogs Breath Cafe. I hadn't been there since I was 10 and on holiday in Queensland, but HOLY WOW it as SO YUMMY! haha! I had a HUGE burger and it was awesome. Plus, the people working there were really nice! I am so making that place a frequent hangout.
Afterwards we just wandered the city, played a few games in an arcade, and spent $15+ on a punching machine which tells you how hard you an punch! lol! Mikey got top score (of course) and hilariously enough, despite being the only girl, I beat half of the guys! Mikey was like "thats my girl" all proud ^_^

Then on Sunday I went to have coffee and see a movie with two friends! I decided to do some very basic gyaru makeup- just a tiny bit of eye makeup with top and bottom falsies and my grey diamond lenses.

LOL, sorry about the retarded face shot... its the only one I took >__<;
Wore my new work blazer too... haha! I wanted to coordinate it with something less corporate, so I paired it with a short dress and tights and short healed boots.
I pretty much ate junk the whole time... haha! Had a RockyRoad crepe and chai latte, then at the movies had popcorn and frozen coke ><; We saw the new Xmen movie- I wasn't disappointed. Despite a few holes in the plot (which probably only a geek like me would notice...) it was a great film!

Finally, last night I went to Kelly's house to do some cosplay discussion! Its only 7 weeks til AVCon- holy crap! I decided to dress in casual lolita... as I'm starting to get the shopping itch again and I'm trying to quell it by rewearing all my older dresses! haha!

OP, Socks: Angelic Pretty
Sneakers: Swimmer
Beret: Curvys
Cardigan: Offbrand
Lol, our room is so messy ><; Between Mikey and I, all our clothes end up on the floor and not in the cupboard.
I am seriously excited about AVCon! It will be my first year cosplaying the whole weekend (I've only cosplayed once to one day a few years ago, every other day I wore lolita) so its going to be busy busy busy! Especially the first day... I will have to get up extra early to glue, liquid latex, and makeup these on:
XD I'm only holding them on here...

But anyway- I fear my weekends and things shall be full of cosplay making from now til AVCon! I must not allow myself to become distracted, especially knowing that Kelly is doing pretty much ALL the sewing for our SailorMoon group alone. I want to at least keep her company, because I am beginning to feel horrible knowing how much work she has got to do in such little time. All I've got to do is sew my (very simple) dress for day 1, redo some shoes for both days, and make a staff. Poor Kelly has been remaking accessories/shoes and now she's still got 8 dresses to make and her own cosplay for Saturday! D:
...Wish us luck! XD

Stay classy, planet earth!!