Wednesday, July 6, 2011

uncut diamond

Hello lovelies! :)
I'm terrible at keeping my promises- this is such a late update! ><;
Not much has happened in the last few weeks, to be honest. I'm rather boring, aren't I? lol!

One thing DID happen to me this week which really effected me. It probably sounds pretty tame/stupid ><; Somebody called me fat. And unfortunately, I have a pretty warped body image, so I took this pretty hard. It sucked the happiness out of me- it made me stare at myself in the mirror and think "maybe I've been fat all along and never realized?" I'm not happy with my body on the best of days- so to have someone (who I thought was a friend) say that I'm fat cut me pretty deep.
I'm finally getting over it, though. lol! I dont feel unhappy anymore. My life is amazing and I cant let one thing someone said get me down about myself! XD
I just wish people would realise the impact of what they say. Even little things can hurt.

Well, on a lighter note!
Mikey was being a total sweetheart last week- he bought me 3 pieces of really beautiful jewellery and took me out to lunch in the city :D
...where I convinced him to do ACTUAL purikura! <3

Also, some random outfit shots from the last week.
I dont get to wear much of my nice clothes anymore because I work so much ><;

 work outfit- I try to stay comfortable because I have to walk 15mins from the tram to work and back each day. But I still want to look like ME. lol!

 Lunch date outfit at SushiTrain with Mikey. It was pouring with rain! ><;

 Dinner with the girls- I finally got to wear my Liz Lisa jumper again, its so soft and pretty <3

Also, I hate winter  >_____________<  Bring on spring!!! You can probably notice the trend of scarf/beanie. I dont mind the cold, but I much prefer to wear cute summer dresses!! Winter makes my hair messy, stops me getting a bit of a tan, and its colddddd! At least it doesnt snow, I hate the snow. LOL! *grumbles*

I'm going to bed cos I am EXHAUSTED! XD I've become an old lady these past few weeks- I want to go to sleep super early every night! hehe!

I will leave you with a photo of our dessert pizza from tonight! Four of us shared it, and even then I couldnt finish my piece ><; It was Mars Bar inspired and SO YUMMEH! XD

Stay classy planet earth! :)


  1. No way that you're fat. :D You're gorgeous and could probably eat the entire dessert pizza and not see a single fat cell to your thighs @_@;;

  2. lol, thanks Katherine! XD
    oh believe me, if I ate too much dessert pizza, it would show!! lol!! BUT IT WOULD BE WORTH IT! haha! xoxox