Monday, January 17, 2011


Hello lovelies!
Just a few updates on the recent things of late :D

Well, the number 1 thing which has been a big excitement: my friends and I have organised to do a huge Sailormoon cosplay! :3  (did I tell you this already? haha) Well, the big news is that we have all 10 senshi!! ...and I get to be Super Sailormoon! :D
So so excited! I'm still trying to lose some weight, so hopefully by the time the cosplay comes around I will do Sailormoon proud ><  I am already very similar to Usagi, which is kinda cool <3
We've just ordered our wigs, which is fantastic! The sewing will take place very soon too! My Dad and I are making Sailormoon's Heart Moon Rod- but we are doing the staff version from many of the Artbooks :D

The whole team has about 5 months or so to finish this cosplay- but with only a few girls skilled in sewing, its still going to be a tight time frame ><  SO PLEASE WISH US LUCK!

Recent Purchases...
My items from DreamV arrived today! :D Very happy and super excited!
I ordered a leopard coat (in a light pink shade), a floral minidress with a fur collar (although, I have to wear shorts underneath! haha!), a floral skirt with built-in shorts, and a whole set which included a tshirt, skirt and usamimi! :D
I LOVE how cheap they are! >< But they are such good quality! You dont find anything like that in Australia!
My only regret is that I got the coat too big ><; I should've gone for the smaller size.
I just love the ears! So cute! ><
LOL- ignore my huge fringe- I'm finally getting it cut tomorrow, its just too annoying that it keeps falling into my eyes! haha! Also- you can probably tell my hair is more yellow; I redid my roots and tried to dye it back to the pearl blonde, but my hair was like "nah, dont feel like it" and just stayed yellow-ish. haha! I dont mind really, but I might try the pearl blonde dye again in a week or two, maybe then my hair will feel more cooperative.

Also, after a huge battle in the last half hour of the auction, I won myself Angelic Pretty's Casual luckypack in Pink! ^_^
I've always wanted a salopette! And I was so happy that the pack was Pink!
I cant wait for it to arrive! :3 :3

This next month is going to be a good one, I can tell! I've got a friend staying with me from this Wed until the beginning of Feb, then I've got my best friends birthday party on the 13th, and the next day is our Gal Meet! :D (I missed the first gyaru meet because I to work ><;) Then the week after that my Mum is coming to stay with me while she gets her shoulder checked out again. And add in there working, and training 3 nights a week. GAH, SO BUSY! But, I like being busy :)



  1. And then Lauren's just going to rock up in March and be a total bludger.

    That coat is ADORABLE :3

  2. ffs, I have no idea how to reply on this thing. Is there a reply button? ><
    I love your bludging. Dont ever stop. :D
    also, yes this coat is super comfy! :D The ears soughta sold it to me ><; that, and how cute the models look advertising it! hehe!