Sunday, January 9, 2011

late Christmas/new years photo dump! :D

I'm Backkk!!
Well, back from visiting home over christmas/new years :3
Thought I would dump some photos from the last few weeks (not that there are many... haha!)

Mr Manatee :D
Before Christmas, I was wandering around town when I saw him... ISNT HE ADORABLE?!! And I was meant to be buying Dad a present, but buying for myself is so much easier, ya know? LOL!!

outfit ideas (my mirror makes me look skinnier than I am... haha!)
I was trying clothes on for Christmas Eve- and was panicking because I didn't really have any money to buy a new dress- when I found this little beauty in the back of my closet! :D Tags still attached, baby! ...ironicly, however, I ended up purchasing a new dress and wearing that instead... I just love shopping too much ><;
Ah, Christmas, the one time I can drink Creaming Soda (no sugar ;D), mini marshmallows, and chocolate with out feeling TOO guilty!! 

Finally arrived at home- and HUZZAH! It was lovely weather! So I spent a good amount of time out on our pool deck tanning... and burning. I burnt my left shoulder soooo badly that it was sore for 5 days straight, then pealed like a lizard. haha!

And warm weather also means.... BEACH!
you cant see me, but I'm ripping it on the jet-ski ;) My neighbor was on the back, and he was going "WOAHHH". Its so easy to drive, feels just like a motorbike- except it doesn't hurt as much when you fall off! lol!

Mum taking sneaky back shots of me. haha, oh Mum!

 Mum was taking photos of me again, because she wanted to 'capture my hair in the light'! Mum is so adorable :3 I am exceptionally lucky to have fantastic parents! This was on my second to last night at home- I ended up doing Sailor Moon poses and Mum was snapping away. I'm such a dork :P

And finally, LUCYYYYY!!! *glomps*
Lucy is our (other) neighbors dog! She is so fat and cuddly, and looks just like a seal! :D She spends most of her time at our house though, because Mum and Dad take her for walks. haha.

Well, back in the big smoke now. Been working everyday since I got back- and this is my first day off! :D Although, at this time, I am soaking my clothes in the sink (I dont have a washing machine ><;) and I need to clean my room... so its not MUCH of a day off.
Also, my best friend Kelly started fitness training with her friend, and now I'm doing it with her too! Her buddy says he can get me down a dress size in a month- I've got an eating plan and everything. Problem is, I have the HUGEST sweet tooth! So, its going to be difficult. But, I know it will be worth it! Its time I got rid of the flab around my belly :O (especially after eating so much during Christmas and NewYears! haha!)

Anyways, next post I will put some Gal inspirational outfits which make me drool, so we can all drool together on to our keyboards :D

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years! Make any resolutions?

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