Thursday, November 1, 2012

Alanna: The Lioness

*Photo heavy*
 I did a photoshoot with my best friend Kelly a few days ago of my Alanna cosplay.
Kelly really is an amazing photographer- and she just does if for fun! XD

Alanna is the heroine of Tamora Pierce's book series Song of the Lioness. I loved her character the second I read the first few pages of the first book- Alanna is someone I look up to, even though she isn't real! I was only a teenager when I read the first book- maybe 14- but I purchased the series and have read them at least once a year since. That's nearly 10 years!

I really recommend reading the series- as well as Tamora Pierce's other series revolving around the land Tortall. I own every book! XD

The armor held together nicely- I had some trouble with the straps but that's something I've learnt for next time!
One day I will own some REAL armor and be a real Lady Knight, but for now I'll just have to make it myself. haha!

Me in the car after- I was so happy! ^_^

Thank you for reading! <3


Mad Scramble

Hi lovelies!
Sorry again for vanishing!
Here is another of my omg-must-recap-everything posts.

We went out to tea to a new Vegetarian place in town. I wasn't a huge fan- maybe cos I'm a meat eater through-and-through ^^; But it was ok!
The drinks they served us were HUGE!

Recently, the OzAsia festival was on again, so it was the Moon Lantern Festival~
I went with Christine, her partner Chris, Tamara, Nans and Amy! I wore my white yukata- Christine and I wanted to wear our furisodes but it had been raining that morning and the idea of getting them wet scared us out of it!
The fireworks were really amazing. Normally I'm scared of big 'bangs' but that evening the wind carried the noise away and it was perfect!

Then we had another lolita swap meet!
My herpa-derpa face
I'm still trying to sell some dresses, but had no luck at the meet :( That's ok, though, I hope I can sell them soon!
There wasn't as many girls as last time but that was due to short notice- still, it was a great catch-up and we all had a lot of fun! ^_^

Another lolita event- a picnic by the river! We were lucky to get a beautiful sunny day.
The theme was 'Masterchef' and we all had to bring a dish along and whoever got the most votes won!
...I WON!!
I couldn't believe it! I'm pretty terrible at cooking, but I made 'peanut butter chocolate fudge' and everyone loved it! ^_^ I was so happy and surprised! I won a pair of BTSSB socks! How awesome!
My outfit
To be honest...  I am feeling a little 'meh' about my OTT sweet style lately.
In fact, I purchased my first NON-ANGELIC PRETTY dresses for the first time in like, 3 years(?) these last few weeks.
Both Innocent World. 
I feel 'pretty' in these more classic dresses. So we will see what happens with my style- I wont be selling off all my AP just yet. haha! I think I'll just tone it down a bit.

Now, coming up is Halloween. Australia doesn't really celebrate Halloween but there are still events to go to if you wanted to dress up! :) This year I'm going as Alanna from 'Song Of The Lioness' Quartet by Tamora Pierce- it was one of my favourite book series growing up (as well as her Immortals Series!). Alanna is a lady knight and is kick ass awesome.
I've been making the armor for her this past week, so hopefully it all looks ok when put together!

Other than these things, all I have been doing is resting, and of course swimming! I managed to do 50 metres underwater the other day- and the only reason I couldn't go further was because it was the end of the pool. Its awesome to realize my breath-hold is increasing each time!
From the looks of things, I may not be getting my professional tail until December :( Its a bit of a bummer- I really wanted it to train in and get comfortable for ocean swimming while home for Christmas. So to compensate I purchased a newer, heavier monofin, and I'll be making a heavier tail in the coming weeks. At least this way I can get stronger and have a new tail before my professional one arrives!
 The new monofin!

I also got some awesome news from a friend- I paid her to make my new business cards! She sent me them and I was like OMG!
Its perfect!! :D So cute and light.

Ok, now for some random food.
I made onigiri for the first time! :D I was so proud of myself- and it was really yummy <3
And finally, I found a mermaid koala in my koala biscuits. haha! 

Anyways, I'll post soon with my cosplay of Alanna :D

Thank you for reading! <3