Monday, August 26, 2013

Shopping and Swimming is My Not-So-Exciting Life!

Hiya lovelies!

As you all know, I have been selling off my lolita to fund my tail making project! I can say with happiness: I have now paid for and ordered 90% of the materials I need to make it!! YAY! I'm literally waiting on the silicone, then all I have to do is pick up some products from local stores- which is great, because ordering online makes the wait SO MUCH LONGER.

Besides this, having a little extra cash has been helpful for my shopping itch. Haha! All in preparation for summer (only one week left of Winter! yay!) but I did grab some jumpers to help with the colder days!
Its been online shopping, so I'm still waiting on some things...

Here are the things that have arrived:

First off, I did an order with a store on eBay. The store was located in China; they had an average positive rating, but their clothes were cheep so I was willing to risk it!
(Pictures taken from their eBay listings!)

 This dress is super pretty- soft and stretchy- but it's rather thin. I'd only wear it with a slip underneath or over some bathers!
 I'm actually wearing this now. Haha!
Its super soft- like, mohair soft, so its very warm and cosy. I'd like it a little longer, but as it is, it ends on my hips.
 This one was very cheep, but when it arrived I was happy with it! Thin, so only good for wearing over bathers or on a hot day, but its an over-sized fit so comfortable!
 I got a bracelet, in the white (C), this is rather cute and for $3, cant complain!
 I've been wanting some floral denim jeans for agessss!!
These are really really nice. The material is thick but stretchy! Too bad my legs aren't as skinny as the models, though, haha!

 I wore this on the weekend- its oversized and really warm. It came with a wet acrylic smell, but I aired it out overnight and it went away.
And, I couldn't resist getting this bracelet. It was only $3, but its just as pictured :)

I also got two things from Lookbook Store on eBay!
 Bustier!! The black was sold out, but I liked the floral one better.
Picture of it worn (haha, excuse the fish-lips!)
I also got this beautiful star-fish bracelet!! Its super pretty! ...but I broke it about 2 minutes after taking this photo. Haha! Its not exactly strong... but I'll glue it back together, because I do love it! ^_^

I also visited the Gilles Street Markets last Sunday! Unfortunately it was raining really bad, so most of the vendors didn't set up their stalls. I did manage to find 4 things (which I have totally not taken a photo of yet, sorry about that!); a floral jumper-dress, a floral short sleeved dress, a striped knitted jumper and a lovely hand-made leather bracelet!
I'll be making it to the next one again for sure! Hopefully next time it wont rain!!

Things I am still waiting on:

I did an order from Romwe, an online store from China. I'd seen a few blog-post regarding them, and was excited to see they had some cheep but really cute clothes! Unfortunately, after ordering from them I found wayyyy more negative reviews of them then I had anticipated. So, I got a bit nervous.
It took about two weeks after ordering for them to tell me it had shipped out. Their communication was good, so I'm hopeful everything will get to me ok!

 A white bustier with blue edging!
 This beautiful black and gold bustier <3
 A cute thunder-cloud skirt!
And this simple blue skirt!

I also ordered these bathers:
But apparently they are not in stock yet (which is kinda strange they would even put it online for sale?!) so they are going to send them to me next week when they arrive. I'll keep you all updated on the progress! :)

So, HotTopic is a American store that, until recently, I didn't realised shipped overseas. When I discovered they had done a huge range of clothing and accessories The Little Mermaid themed, I was wayyyy too excited! haha! And just my luck, the day I looked on their site, they had 20% off everything.
This super cute singlet!
 I love the artwork of this top!
 This design had come in a t-shirt, but it had sold out! (darnit!) but luckily they had the iPhone5 covers still available! :) This is probably my favourite artwork of Ariel I've seen so far!
And I couldn't resist getting this adorable dress!! :D

As for the whole ordering experience, if you are a first time overseas customer, you will be asked to ring up their customer service line to validate that you are the owner of the credit card (they only accept credit cards!) which can be a bit annoying- especially if you are in Australia and the times of day are opposite to the US! haha! I'm also dreading seeing my phone bill... But the customer service people are really nice, and once you've validated your identity, you dont have to do it again for future purchases. I'd also like to add, because they only have one shipping option, the shipping is expensive- so next time I order, I might see if some friends want to join in to split the shipping costs!


 Finally, Modcloth had a 70% off sale.
Had to get this dress! For under $20~
 I'd had my eye on this necklace for a while too.
And finally, this simple but cute dress!! Again, under $20!

Modcloth is awesome. Their shipping is cheep, and I've experienced great customer service from them!

And now for something completely different...

I tried out the panorama photograph on my iPhone! haha!
This was the Sunday morning before the markets- I went to Iron Clad Academy with Mikey. I think their armour looks pretty awesome all lined up like that! We've got to save up and get some for Mikey soon so he can compete.

And, some photos from a recent swim I had with Mikey! He kindly took some photos and some footage so I could update my Facebook page! haha!

And here is the finished video if you'd like to see:

I'm really excited about making my own tail- swimming in my Merbella's tail feels so wonderful! I can only imagine what it must feel like to know that you've made it yourself!

Anyway, that is all! Haha!
Thank you for reading! <3

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

GEO WTB9X in Grey

Hello everyone!
I got to try out another pair of GEO lenses this weekend! :)
Remember these pretties? :) 
I reviewed the blue ones >HERE

These are thanks to Adelaide Little Lens!! :D

This was taken at the end of the day... after getting rained on. Thats why my hair is horrible XD

Comfort: 10/10
Size: 10/10
Colour/Design: 8/10
Ok, to start- I wore these lenses from 8am in the morning until 4pm that afternoon, and they did not bother me at all!! GEO are probably the most comfortable lens makers around. The size is my kind of size (haha!) I love them because they are big enough to be noticeable! The design isn't really obvious unless you are using flash and are close-up, though, which is why I gave it a lower rating. In flash, they are very pretty! If you are looking for a lens with a design that people will notice from a distance, maybe try something else. The colour blends in really well to my eye colour, nice and natural! :D

Thank you for reading!

Dont forget to check out the store:

Friday, August 16, 2013

Spring Bouquet

Flower crowns, headbows and circlets.

The sun has been peaking its head out of the clouds randomly throughout the week. Yesterday it was a cloud-less day! But its back to rain and wind today. It gets me thinking about Spring and Summer and days outside.

This warm season I am absolutely loving flower hair pieces!!
Crowns, circlets and headbows. I hope to stock up on some soon.

This is the only one I have so far- it was made by a local lolita! Its super pretty!

But I am searching around for more, and luckily they are popping up in Australian stores already!
These ones, by Equip, are lovely and dainty! Easily adds a cute touch to an outfit.
Find them HERE.

Something a little more dramatic, this big headband from Lovisa would be a great statement!
Find it HERE.

These pretties are from Diva! I think I might have to get both! haha!
The elastic at the back means it can be worn around your head like a crown, or with the elastic under your hair as a headband!
The Black one is HERE.

and the Pink one is HERE.
Diva also has a few more styles of flower crowns and headbows like these, check them out!

Do you like flower head pieces? :)

Thanks for reading! <3

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mizuko Photoshoot & Tail Update

Hello lovelies!
I forgot to give a heads-up a few weeks ago, but I finally uploaded my first professional photoshoot in my tail on my Facebook page!
Please have a look and follow me if you'd like ^_^ 

Here are some teasers from the shoot:
My fluke <3
 Looks like I'm doing some kind of mermaid-yoga here, but I'm not wearing my tail. haha!
This one is really cool! (But I hadn't pulled my tail all the way up, so excuse the ankle wrinkles! lol!)

The photographer was local Timothy Berry- he does beautiful portraits. I absolutely love the photos he took!
Check out his website:
Or you can find him on Facebook! :D

To see the rest from this shoot and other mermaidy updates, please visit my Facebook page! :D

And I thought I would update you all on my silicone tail project!
After putting most of my lolita for sale, I've managed to get enough money to order the silicone from overseas. However the Australian dollar is really crappy at the moment, so I'm hoping it will become closer to the US dollar before I order! In the mean time, this weekend I am starting the molding of the fluke and extra fins. Finally in a new home, I have a veranda and a backyard/shed to do all this in! Huzzah!
The deadline to make this tail is still November. I want it ready for summer! Hopefully I will sell the rest of my lolita closet (there's about $2000 in there!!!) before the end of next month, which will literally pay for this new tail!

I said to Mikey yesterday when I realised it: "you know, I'm pretty much just exchanging one hobby (money-wise) for another..." and he just said "your hobbies are too expensive." LOL! Well, at least now I can concentrate on one instead of two? haha!

There's been some change of plans regarding materials being used to make the molds, but I'll give you all the low-down once its actually happening! haha!

In the mean time, I still have my Pozible Project running:
It's not exactly at the mark I would've liked- but that's ok because either way I will do this project :) Sacrificing one hobby for another, funnily enough, wasn't as hard as I'd expected it to be! Especially when this is also my business, it makes sense to put it first.

Anyways, thank you for reading! :D


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

GEO Cafe Mimi Cappuccino Violet

Hello lovelies!

Today I am reviewing some new lenses thanks to - dont forget to pop onto their facebook page and have a look at their range!

Today I'm looking at the Cafe Mimi series again- this time in Cappuccino Violet!

The colour range! Cappuccino Violet is the one on the Right ^

The lenses themselves are 15mm diameter, so they create a lovely enlarging effect!!
In my eyes!

With some basic makeup!

The sunlight was lovely this day <3

All dressed up! (With wig to cover my messy hair, haha!)

Comfort: 9/10
Size: 9/10
Colour/Design: 8/10

I continually give these lenses high marks XD
The comfort was wonderful- I wore them all day and had no issues with my eyes. The size is perfect for me- I can wear them casually and not get too many stares! hehe! As for the colour, I was suprised how purple it looked in the sunlight. In a darker room/indoors they were closer to brown, but as soon as I was in the sun the violet really shone through! The design itself is lost in my eyes, I can see it if I look REALLY closely- I think perhaps lighter eyes might have luck with the design, however it also means it wont blend in as well! XD So it really depends if you want to look natural or not- darker eyes will have no trouble. I do think the transition from purple to my grey/blue eyes is rather pretty though!

Thanks to Adelaide Little Lens for their sponsership! :D

Thank you for reading!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Merging Blogs!

Hiya lovelies!
If you're following me, you will see a huge dump of posts in your newsfeed (sorry about that!)

I'm merging my Lens Review blog: with this blog, as its just easier to have all my reviews and personal posts in one place :)
I'll keep the old blog up for a while, but I will eventually delete it.

And because I cannot have a blog post without a picture;
Here is a picture of the happiest piglet alive:
Thanks for reading my blog everyone! :)