Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mizuko Photoshoot & Tail Update

Hello lovelies!
I forgot to give a heads-up a few weeks ago, but I finally uploaded my first professional photoshoot in my tail on my Facebook page!
Please have a look and follow me if you'd like ^_^ 

Here are some teasers from the shoot:
My fluke <3
 Looks like I'm doing some kind of mermaid-yoga here, but I'm not wearing my tail. haha!
This one is really cool! (But I hadn't pulled my tail all the way up, so excuse the ankle wrinkles! lol!)

The photographer was local Timothy Berry- he does beautiful portraits. I absolutely love the photos he took!
Check out his website:
Or you can find him on Facebook! :D

To see the rest from this shoot and other mermaidy updates, please visit my Facebook page! :D

And I thought I would update you all on my silicone tail project!
After putting most of my lolita for sale, I've managed to get enough money to order the silicone from overseas. However the Australian dollar is really crappy at the moment, so I'm hoping it will become closer to the US dollar before I order! In the mean time, this weekend I am starting the molding of the fluke and extra fins. Finally in a new home, I have a veranda and a backyard/shed to do all this in! Huzzah!
The deadline to make this tail is still November. I want it ready for summer! Hopefully I will sell the rest of my lolita closet (there's about $2000 in there!!!) before the end of next month, which will literally pay for this new tail!

I said to Mikey yesterday when I realised it: "you know, I'm pretty much just exchanging one hobby (money-wise) for another..." and he just said "your hobbies are too expensive." LOL! Well, at least now I can concentrate on one instead of two? haha!

There's been some change of plans regarding materials being used to make the molds, but I'll give you all the low-down once its actually happening! haha!

In the mean time, I still have my Pozible Project running:
It's not exactly at the mark I would've liked- but that's ok because either way I will do this project :) Sacrificing one hobby for another, funnily enough, wasn't as hard as I'd expected it to be! Especially when this is also my business, it makes sense to put it first.

Anyways, thank you for reading! :D


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