Friday, August 16, 2013

Spring Bouquet

Flower crowns, headbows and circlets.

The sun has been peaking its head out of the clouds randomly throughout the week. Yesterday it was a cloud-less day! But its back to rain and wind today. It gets me thinking about Spring and Summer and days outside.

This warm season I am absolutely loving flower hair pieces!!
Crowns, circlets and headbows. I hope to stock up on some soon.

This is the only one I have so far- it was made by a local lolita! Its super pretty!

But I am searching around for more, and luckily they are popping up in Australian stores already!
These ones, by Equip, are lovely and dainty! Easily adds a cute touch to an outfit.
Find them HERE.

Something a little more dramatic, this big headband from Lovisa would be a great statement!
Find it HERE.

These pretties are from Diva! I think I might have to get both! haha!
The elastic at the back means it can be worn around your head like a crown, or with the elastic under your hair as a headband!
The Black one is HERE.

and the Pink one is HERE.
Diva also has a few more styles of flower crowns and headbows like these, check them out!

Do you like flower head pieces? :)

Thanks for reading! <3

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