Friday, July 26, 2013

Without Sacrifice There is No Glory

Hi everyone, sorry for the absent period again.
Life as been insanely hectic: the last few weeks have been an emotional whirlwind and gigantic learning curve. But it looks like the storm is over, and its time to clean up the mess. On top of that, Mikey and I are moving to a new place, and I hope to be all done before Sunday as its been stressing me out. I look forward to our new home- only a minute from the ocean.

But other things have happened in the last few weeks, such as AVCon!
It was a great year again, although I had some hick-ups regarding my cosplays (again! haha!).

My Usagi school uniform NEVER ARRIVED. The postage service 'failed to deliver' and thought it would be a great idea to send it back to the seller. WTF?! They didn't even attempt to contact me, or leave it at the post office (like every other package!). So I was pretty pissed off.

Que the running through what I could wear instead. I still have my Kida cosplay, unworn and undebuted, however I put it on and felt like a fat lard so that was out of the question XD I was considering just wearing my Usagi wig and going in 'normal' clothes with my little Luna plush, but then I thought "I wish I could just sit in my tail all day. I always feel comfortable in my tail."
And the idea was spawned. LOL!

So I wore my tail in a wheelchair that I hired on Saturday, and just went as mermaid-me. It was fun! Although my feet were killing me by the end of the day- the fluke is heavy on land- and I actually missed being able to walk around!
 The only photo of myself in lolita that I liked from Sunday. Taken in the staff room.
And a photo with some of the other hosts on-stage from Friday night!

Sunday I had to host the lolita parade. I wore lolita in the morning, and then in the afternoon I got changed in to my Umi cosplay that Kelly made for me!! It was really fun being able to do a trio with my best friends <3
Me, Kelly and Bee as Umi, Hikaru and Fuu from Magic Knights Rayearth.
Kelly made everythingggg. The armour, the clothes, the gems in the armour! She is very talented at costuming!! The armour is made out of Worbla, which she actually stocks in her store, if you're interested in knowing more:

It was a great weekend, I love AVCon so much. I'm already planning my next cosplay for Supanova (if all goes well!) which I will be making from scratch!

But after AVCon I had a change of heart regarding lolita.
I do love lolita, but I just dont feel like its me anymore. Almost like I've grown out of it? I feel frumpy, unattractive in it- whereas I used to feel cute and pretty. I also dont wear it often enough to justify $300 dresses and accessories- I cant remember the last time I wore lolita before AVCon (was it easter?).
So, before the move, I decided to sell most of my lolita wardrobe.

The biggest prompt for this sale was to finally start my silicone tail. With the move, bills and daily living, having any spare money to save has been impossible. My Pozible program is still running, and although I am terribly hopeful, I also want to be practical and know that if it fails I have a backup.
(My Pozible program is here if you'll still want to share the link around: )

These are some of the things for sale:

Almost everything is Angelic Pretty except some accessories and replica shoes. I will be adding Chess Chocolate to the sales post shortly.
So, if anyone is interested, please leave a comment and I'll link you to my sales album on Facebook.

And thats it I guess!
I wont be giving up lolita completely- there are some pieces and dresses I will still keep, if only for sentimental value, but I'm not ignoring the possibility that in the future I may sell them all too.

Its not that I wont miss lolita, but other things are more important now, and without giving up some things I wont be able to achieve bigger dreams.

Well, I have some exciting news besides moving to a new house. I'm having a meeting with a journalist on Monday regarding my mermaid life and Pozible program! I hope it goes well, I think she wants to run a story on me in the newspaper. Please wish me luck!

The book I was so lucky to be asked to share my story for has been published too! Its for sale here:
Varla Ventura, the author, was kind enough to send me a free copy! I gave it to my parents, as they were very excited. :)

I hope that I can start writing some more interesting posts soon! I'd like to get into more reviews and things :3 or at least more fashion-related! haha!

Thank you for reading! <3

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

There's No Place Like Home...

A photo diary of my trip to my hometown last week...

I discovered how much I love this chair... haha! Isn't it pretty?

'Warrambulla' means: Warm Place
 'Elanora' means: Home By The Sea

Thank you for looking <3