Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Catching Up on Colourful Days

Hello everyone!
I'm trying my best to update this blog weekly now... TRYING SO HARD. haha! I don't EXACTLY write about exciting things, however I want to try my best to make even the most mundane event more exciting for you to read about ^_^
So here is a quick little question I would really appreciate you answer!

*What do you enjoy reading about most on my blog, and what would you like to read more of?*
  • Fashion Hauls/Outfits
  • Mermaiding
  • Events
  • Tutorials (which I plan to start doing!)
  • Every Day Life
I believe I write posts which contain all of these normally XD But its always great to get constructive feedback from readers! ^_^ hehe! Please leave a comment with your answer! <3


After getting back from Japan life has been busy- I thought it would quieten down so I could spend some time saving money/seeing friends/relaxing. However, after my arrival back in Australia it occurred to me that AVCon (the annual anime/manga and video game convention) was only a two months away... *_*
Luckily I already had 1/2 of a cosplay organized, and a basic idea of what the second one would be. Now its literally 4 days away! I'm about 90% complete on both cosplays- but every night this week I'll be slaving away trying to finish them! haha! Wish me luck!

Princess Kida and Princess Serenity... two princess in two days! :D
I am cosplaying Kida from Atlantis The Lost Empire on Saturday, and Princess Serenity on Sunday (mainly because I was Super Sailor Moon last year...and she's my favourite character! hehe!) I've been trying desperately the last two weeks to lose enough weight to have a flat(ter) belly for Kida >.< I hate my little bulge so I really pray it wont be noticeable!!

Other than this, I haven't been particularly busy! Everyone is in the same boat I am: frantically trying to finish cosplays and/or saving money; which means I dont get to see many of my friends lately ^^; Its ok though- I know after AVCon things will (hopefully) go back to normal for all of us!

Now that I can finally get back to 'almost' normal life, let me update you all on the last few months!
Before going to Japan I unfortunately missed out on going to the Medieval Fair >< I was upset- I had a dress ready and had sewn myself a woolen cloak to keep warm with! It so happened that Mikey got called into work, and NO ONE was available to go with me. There is always next year I guess- although I wont lie: I'm still pretty sore about it. lol.
However, I did manage to get to the Japanese Festival being held on the Sunday. It was slightly cold with a few gentle showers of rain, so I rugged up underneath my yukata. The festival wasn't exactly thrilling- I enjoyed seeing my friends and watching the displays of martial arts though! All the lines to the food (especially takoyaki) were super long, so I didn't get to try much of the cuisine except a really yummy curry bun and some sweet cakes. I wasn't too disheartened because I knew only 2 days later I'd be in Japan anyway! haha!
Nans, Bee and Me at the Japanese Festival
Landing back in Australia 2.5 weeks later, I was faced with unpacking two suitcases (because half the stuff I had purchased was in mum's suitcase too!) and pulled out all the Angelic Pretty stuff I had gotten. I was pleased with my haul, however I still wanted more. haha. I guess its better I only got this amount as otherwise it might not have fitted in the suitcase! Here's a dodgy phone picture for you!:

I didn't take any photos of the 'normal' clothes I had purchased ^^; Silly me!

Then on June the 2nd we celebrated International Lolita Day (Winter edition for us Southern Equator lolitas!). We went to have tea and noms at a restaurant then had numerous photos taken in the park. I had to run off early, unfortunately, as Mikey and I had a family gathering to attend too!
 My outfit for the day... everything Angelic Pretty. Like normal. haha!
 All the lolitas who attended!
Out at the tea place.

Then on the weekend of the 22nd I was rather busy! First I had a Cosplay Picnic event run by Miss Ollie Cosplay. I couldn't stay long, but it seemed like there was a good turn out even though it was rainy and cold. And I saw a dead possum ><; Poor little thing. Even when it was dead it was cute! After my short stay I had to run off to the Lolita Swap Meet held at my dear friend Christine's; when I arrived I was amazed at how much stuff we were all selling/trading! She and her partner had been cooking too, so the house smelt like a cake shop- it was really truly perfect. I said to Christine "this is like Lolita heaven." haha! By the time everyone had arrived, though, I had to run off again! As the final event for the day was a ball in honour of AVCon's 10th Anniversary. I dressed in a basic party dress, but tried to make mermaid accessories to pretty myself up. ^_^ It was a really fun night of dancing!
 All the lolitas at the swap meet!
 Out at AVCon's 10th Anniversary!
 The glue on my headdress didn't dry properly... somehow all the shells stayed on until I got home! haha!
Finally, just last weekend I had my beautiful friend Suz's birthday party! The theme was Pure Trance- one of her favourite manga which is set in a crazy world! I didn't get to read all the manga but I chose a character called Rika to go as! She held it in a nightclub in town, and it was so much fun! It was great to see everyone dressed up too!
 The character I went as ^_^
 Kelly went as one of the nurses!
Me, Danielle, Kelly and birthday girl Suz! <3
Now, with 4 days until AVCon, I've been a little naughty and purchased some new clothes ^^; I got permission from Mikey first, though! haha! I only got 4 things from Yumetenbo, so hopefully they will arrive by end of next week :D I'm trying to fill my wardrobe with mermaidy/nautical/pastel things! It means I need to do ANOTHER closet clean-out, but its overdue as I havn't done one for a few months and I need be brutal! haha!
 I got this in the spotty light blue!
 This set in the pink
 This top in cream with the pink tie
And this beautiful dress in mint!
I'll also finish this post with two random pictures~
 I am terrible in the kitchen... lets just say I am not a chief by any means... but I experimented the other day and made something I call a 'Pizza Omelet'! It pretty much explains itself! haha!

And while I was waiting for Mikey to pick me up from the Tram stop, I took a photo of the colourful lights on the dome of the Entertainment Centre- they change colour and go all different patterns!
I most likely wont be able to update again until next week, so I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Wish me luck at AVCon! ^_^

Much Love and Happy Swimming! <3 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why I Am a Mermaid

Today I decided to take some time to write about my experience with the ocean, and in conclusion, why I became a mermaid.
Its not a hugely exciting story, but it is in essence a large chapter of my life- one that I am still writing and will continue to explore.

We all begin life the same: floating in a warm bubble of life-preserving fluid. Some of us after birth never lose that connection- the water calls us, it is quiet and encompassing and welcoming. It wasn't always this simple for me, however. When I was a baby I almost drowned in a rock pool. I was only under the water for a little while before I was rescued- but after this, I was terrified of water. My earliest memories are of being at the beach and refusing to go into the ocean; running away from waves, sitting on the edge of the pool but never going in. Its not like I can even remember the near-drowning: but the experience buried itself in my subconscious so that it became a fear I never truly understood.

Then when I was five years old, my stubborn Auntie lost her patience. My whole family- right down to the pets- were water people. We were at the beach every weekend- surfing, snorkeling, fishing, diving. All the men in my family were fishermen; my father was also a surfer, my mother a surf photographer and ocean lover, my Auntie and grandmother were swimming teachers and avid snorkelers, and being the youngest of the clan both my older cousins and older sister were already strong swimmers and surfers. So you can see how it would effect the whole family when the littlest blonde child would refuse to get into the water. My Auntie had enough- she would MAKE me go in the water whether I liked it or not.

I honestly do no blame my Auntie for forcing me into the water. In fact, I am incredibly grateful. I cannot imagine the looks she would've gotten from fellow swimmers as she carried this little ball of screaming child out into the pool. But she persevered, and after getting waist deep- having me scramble up on her to the highest point possible- she told me to swim. This is where my memories get a bit blurry. It was like- suddenly, after everything, I had forgotten how terrified I was. Within minutes: I was swimming. Not very well, mind you, but I was enjoying myself like never before.

Mum still says she couldn't believe it- I was immediately comfortable in the water, despite all those years of tantrums and fear. Every time I went swimming I would spend more time under the water than on top, and she couldn't get me out when she asked me to! Even now, being under the water gives me the same feeling: like I'm being wrapped in a cool, safe blanket, with only my heartbeat in my head as company but somehow not lonesome. I think my near-death experience gave me a greater respect for the ocean- like almost losing my life to it led me to a deeper understanding of it.

As the years went by, visiting the surf beaches with my family gave me more time to feel the pull of the ocean- the way the waves crashed, the sucking undercurrents, the quiet between sets, the amazing roar of the swell. Every summer we would camp on the beach in a quiet cove, a sandbar created a natural marina where we dived for shells and chased fish in the seaweed-free bay. I had friends who lived at the Marina in town, and on hot days we would go diving there too- I would sit on the rocks at the bottom of the murky water and watch the blue swimmer crabs glide by, and look up at the bottom of kayaks as my friends paddled eight feet above me. My friend and I would stay with her family in a shack at a small town and swim out to her dad's boat- at first we would be walking in shallow water and then dive as the reef dropped off 10 feet. We would race to the sandbar in the middle of the bay- there was a time when a bull sea lion's blonde head popped up only a few meters away: he stared at us with big beautiful black eyes until he knew we were not rivals, and then slipped back under the surface to never be seen again- even though I dived after him.

I have been stung my more jellyfish than I can count. I have unintentionally swam with sharks and stingrays, and intentionally chased after dolphins, fish and sea lions (not that I could ever keep up!). I have slept with the ocean only a few meters away and watched purple and red lightning roll towards me over it; and on warm clear nights I have waded in the still water, leaving behind sparks of light in my wake (a chemical reaction caused by bacteria in the water). I have stood as waves thundered over my head, been turned upside down for what feels like eternity after jumping out a moving boat, and felt the ground be swept out from beneath me by rips in the surf. I have been scared, excited, elated, sad and at peace in the water. And I would not change a thing.

After all this, it seems strange to me that I only recently (in the past year or two) began to think of myself as a mermaid. Growing up I used to tie my feet together and swim like a dolphin, pretending to be Ariel or some other mermaid I had created. Even in my teenage years I still swam like this (minis the ties around my feet) as it just felt more natural. I didn't realize how strong a swimmer I was either until I was around 14 and we visited the towns swimming pool for school. There was a dare about who could swim to the other side of the pool underwater without taking a breath- this was at least 40 meters across- and even though one of the boys stood in my way to slow me down, I simply swam around him and made it to the other side on one breath. I didn't realize I was capable of such a thing- the only other person to achieve it was a boy twice my size who was on a swimming team, and he hadn't been obstructed like I had. It was from then on that I tried my best to increase the amount of time I could stay under water.

I moved to the city when I turned 18, and my ocean life dwindled. The water here was shallow, and always crowded. The only times I was able to truly be myself in the water was when I returned to my home town for holidays. I realized how much of myself was focused around the ocean. And it all fell into place.

This is why I became a mermaid.

It is not a hobby or a fashion or a faze. It is me being me. And I cannot believe how happy I am to have found ME. It is now my aim to fill my life with things that remind me of the ocean- nautical and cute pastel clothes, shells, photos, smells. And I am also saving up for a professional mermaid tail: one that will last me a few years, that I can wear to perform to people and give talks about our brimming-with-life waters.

I am lucky to have people around me who love and support me in all that I do- they know that this is who I am, that it all makes sense for me to be a mermaid. My family think its amazing. I love them all so much.

To think that my path has led me here: from a near-drown baby, to a water-phobia child, to a young confident swimmer, to a teenage avid water lover, and now to a woman who knows what I want to be in life. I hope I can make myself and everyone proud.

And this is why I am a mermaid.
  Thank you for reading <3

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Japan Chronicles- Final Days!

Last entry about Japan! :( I am sad to finish writing about it because I MISS IT SO MUCH! But at least I can move on to writing about other things XD

This was our last day of our valid JR rail pass, so we were like: "VISIT ALL THE PLACES!" haha!
First we went to Shinjuku- but when we got there Closet Child was still closed, so we wandered around the streets looking at stuff. Amy found a second-hand Visual Kei store where she got some books for about 10cents each. *___* They also had some second hand lolita there! But I didn't see anything I wanted.
Still waiting for Closet Child to open, we stopped at Mos Burger across the road. It was so yummy. Is everything just YUMMIER in Japan, or is that just me? XD
Finally Closet Child opened- and there was SO much I wanted in there >_< Too bad I only had $300 for the rest of the trip... There was the sax Milky Planet jsk there! But it was worth $300... haha! Luckily they also had the special-set skirt and barret in yellow for only $80, so I snatched that up instead!
Then we proceeded to walk around Shinjuku and take photos!

 You can JUST see it in the middle, a cat staring out of the cat cafe window! haha!
 To Amy's delight, a Host came up to us and started talking to us! XD he loved Amy's t-shirt and her hair!
 Oh god, I tried SO hard to win one of these >___<

After Shinjuku we stopped at Harajuku again! I got some things from Closet Child for my friend as an SS, plus an Angelic Pretty barrett and ring for me. hehe!
We stopped in the girly food-court again for snacks, I really miss Melon Soda and Grape flavoured ANYTHING. We have grape flavoured things here in Australia, but they do not taste ANYWHERE as good as Japanese grape!
Oh how I miss my grape icecream and melon soda >___<
I got myself a dress, jumper and cardigan from Wonder Rocket on the way back to the train station- all together only cost me $30! Then I found some really cute shoes for $20 ^^
Once back at Shibuya, we got pizza again! haha! Oh gosh it was so yummy >< Mine here was ham, egg, cheese, baby spinnach, onion, and capsicum with bbq sauce. OMM NOM NOM.

Then it was suddenly our last full day in Japan *___*
Without our JR passes we couldn't be bothered navigating the ticket machines in the train station, so we just hung around Shibuya all day!
 Mum and I in our 'we are happy to be going home but sad to be leaving' faces.
Also, I'm wearing the same dress as the night before XD

We visited Tower Records again, then I was like "LETS GO THE THE DISNEY STORE AGAIN!" But this time, I made an effort to take heaps of photos XD
 Going up the stairs! The store is 3 stories high!
 Pinocchio's little corner
 I was so excited when I saw this- I couldn't believe I didn't notice Peter Pan's shadow earlier! XD
 Saying goodbye to the Disney Store <3

Then we went out for lunch... at Maccas. haha! This time I will show you what I got... Teriyaki McBurger! It is so delicious- I actually got this every time we went to Maccas while in Japan. And grape Fanta. Oh gosh how I love grape Fanta.

We wandered around some more, found a beautiful Ballet store that I was like "HNGGGG"ing over- makes me miss doing ballet so bad ><; Then after a little while we ended back at 109. I said hello the the Rose Fan Fan shop girl who had been SO SWEET to us every time we went in there- I really wish I had gotten her name, she was so pretty and always made us feel welcome even if we didn't buy anything ^_^
Then on one of the top floors we stopped to eat and rest again at a restaurant. I wasn't exactly hungry so I ordered an icy treat (as it was their summer menu) and it ended up being HUGE! haha! But it was so delicious! It was shaved ice and coconut, covered in strawberry sauce, with jelly >__<
I am clearly excited about my treat! :D

I stopped at Liz Lisa on the way out and grabbed a dress I had been eying off for a while, plus a top and head bow!
Then we decided it was probably time to go home and TRY pack everything ready for tomorrow! We walked around one last time in Shibuya at night, and stopped at Family Mart to grab food for the next day. I miss Shibuya at night so much <3

 The day of us leaving!
With everything packed the night before- half of the things I had purchased were in mum's suitcase, because I had filled mine up already ^^;- we relaxed in the room for about an hour.
 Mum cracked open one last Japanese beer! haha!
 I wore my new Liz Lisa dress and headbow!

Then we called for room service, and they came and collected our bags.
The trip to Shibuya Station was both hilarious and tiresome. We had to drag our bags up 3 stories to get to the platform XD
 (Lol, we actually got on the Narita Express on platform 4, but I took a photo of Platform 3 instead. XD)
My last YUMMY sandwich from Family Mart. Seriously- I got this thing almost every day, just because it was so delicious and fresh!

Then we hopped on the Narita Express and watched the Japanese countryside go past as we made our way to Narita airport!
 We were there nice and early, so we stopped to watch a pianist play some beautiful songs!
 Mum did her usual finding-strangers-to-talk-to thing, and introduced us to Danielle! She was from New York and sooooo lovely! I really hope one day I can go to New York and catch up with her again! :D
 Amy, Danielle and I.
 This is Amy and my "PWEEZE can we borrow 500 yen to buy some manga before we go?!" faces as we pleaded to Mum- who was the only one with money left over. haha!
 And mum couldn't resist us! haha! <3
Finally, as grey clouds were setting in and the sun started to set, we were sitting at our plane's terminal.
This is our plane!

Saying goodbye to Japan was so bitter-sweet. I really missed Mikey and my friends at home, but Japan was just so PERFECT. It was everything I had read/dream/heard about! I am CERTAINLY without a doubt going back again soon. I had such an amazing time and I loved every second of it! :D <3
When I got home, I had Mikey, Kelly and Bee waiting for me at the airport. It was so great to see them all! <3

I'll leave you with two funny photos:
This one was at Sydney airport on the way home (you can see mum's head in the corner as she sleeps, haha!) What a weird add! XD
And finally, a photo of Amy and I being strange in the 100yen store. haha. Awesome hats! XD


Well, thats the last of the Japan Chronicles! :D I hope I can go back and have even more funny adventures there soon! ^_^

Thank you for reading!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Japan Chronicles- Part 4

* I tried so hard to get this up last week- but I got caught at work and couldn't finish it ><;; *

The rest of our stay in Japan was slower, with less running to catch trains and things. haha.

We visited Harajuku again- met a famous jewelry designer in LaForet called Justin Davis. He just came up to mum and started talking to her! (Mum's like that- people just seem to start talking to her for no reason, haha!) He was really nice, and offered to put us on the list to an exclusive club that night- which we didn't get to go to in the end, but it was such a random/amazing meeting! haha! Other than this, it was a quiet day.

The next day we went to Yokohama to visit the Closet Child there! My friend who was in Japan over Christmas said she had the most luck there! We got lost trying to find it, however, as the Station on the map was really darn confusing and it turns out we got off on the wrong side of the river! XD luckily it wasn't a very far walk!
Amy looking adorable in the Milky Chan set she got for half price the day before! 

...however, we weren't so lucky with Closet Child XD I think I got a cardigan, a pair of socks, and two necklaces. Otherwise it was really empty!
It was only THEN that we realized: while we were in Kyoto, Closet Child had started their Summer sales so everything had been sold out! haha!
Casual Angelic Pretty outfit for a hot day!

From there we visited Machida to see their giant Dasio- it wasn't as impressive as I'd hoped, but that could've been cos I was in a bad mood from not finding any dresses I liked in Closet Child! haha!

The next day made up for it, though! XD

We went to Ikebukero with Lauren! I stopped in DonQuiote and got myself a Hello Kitty kigu- first kigu! Yew! From there we went to Closet Child, and I was extremely happy to find a lot of things I wanted! In the end I got a jsk, matching headbow, shoes, blouse- all Angelic Pretty- and then a $10 petticoat because they were having a deal on new petticoats! And may I say... it is now the best petticoat I own! SO FLUFFY!
We met a lovely lolita while we were there too! Annabel was so sweet! So we all went out to get lunch together at this REALLY YUMMY place! I forget what it is called, but you cook omelet-like dishes on the bbq on the table. Without Lauren we would've had NO idea how to do it, however! haha! The food was so darn tasty, I really wish I could have some again ><;
Amy, me, Annabel and Lauren!
YUMMY. It was so amazing!
All of us out at lunch!
Mum enjoying some more beer, haha!

After lunch Annabel had to go, so we said our goodbyes and made our way to... SUNSHINE CITY AQUARIUM! :D
 OMG OMG OMG. I was so excited seeing this sign!! XD
Lauren, Amy and I looking excited. hehe  

You cannot understand how excited I was. I love aquariums, and having only been to maybe 2(?) in my whole life, this was a real treat!
My favourite part was the giant reef-area right in the middle of the aquarium. There were stingrays swimming around and angel sharks! ^_^ I could've dived right in!

 Standing before the giant reef tank! It was so beautiful!
 ...the sea lion was doing a handstand!! so cute!!
A little bit creepy... lots and lots of jellyfish!
 Mum out the front of the sign!

At the gift shop I fell in love with a big soft toy... it was a whale shark and SHE IS ADORABLE. I've named her Sapphire. hehe.

The next day we met Lauren at Akihabara! Unfortunately, it was rainy and cold! Probably the worst day weather-wise we experienced in Japan. We didn't stay there very long- walked up and down the street, stopped at a few stores- but the rain kept most maid's off the street and we didn't want to spend lots of money in a maid cafe, so we decided to leave early!
Also, something really creepy happened the moment we met Lauren at the Akihabara station. Lauren was in BEAUTIFUL lolita and Amy was in her cool visual-kei clothes, and I was just dressed really causally because I had been lazy that morning- no nice makeup or anything. And this older Japanese man walks up to me and goes "can I please take your picture?" At first I was like, "thats ok!" And go to stand with the girls for a group photo. But he was like "no no, just you." Took the photo really quickly, and then left. WTF *_* My only reasoning would be because I was blonde. Creepy though, right?

We stopped at the Pokemon Centre and ate in a restaurant near by- MORE CURRY! Gosh I miss curry.
Finally we went back to Shibuya, Lauren had to get home early so we said our goodbyes there! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP LAUREN! <3

Then I spent $200 in the 100yen store. haha. Mainly on lashes, nails and makeup. haha!