Thursday, July 5, 2012

Japan Chronicles- Final Days!

Last entry about Japan! :( I am sad to finish writing about it because I MISS IT SO MUCH! But at least I can move on to writing about other things XD

This was our last day of our valid JR rail pass, so we were like: "VISIT ALL THE PLACES!" haha!
First we went to Shinjuku- but when we got there Closet Child was still closed, so we wandered around the streets looking at stuff. Amy found a second-hand Visual Kei store where she got some books for about 10cents each. *___* They also had some second hand lolita there! But I didn't see anything I wanted.
Still waiting for Closet Child to open, we stopped at Mos Burger across the road. It was so yummy. Is everything just YUMMIER in Japan, or is that just me? XD
Finally Closet Child opened- and there was SO much I wanted in there >_< Too bad I only had $300 for the rest of the trip... There was the sax Milky Planet jsk there! But it was worth $300... haha! Luckily they also had the special-set skirt and barret in yellow for only $80, so I snatched that up instead!
Then we proceeded to walk around Shinjuku and take photos!

 You can JUST see it in the middle, a cat staring out of the cat cafe window! haha!
 To Amy's delight, a Host came up to us and started talking to us! XD he loved Amy's t-shirt and her hair!
 Oh god, I tried SO hard to win one of these >___<

After Shinjuku we stopped at Harajuku again! I got some things from Closet Child for my friend as an SS, plus an Angelic Pretty barrett and ring for me. hehe!
We stopped in the girly food-court again for snacks, I really miss Melon Soda and Grape flavoured ANYTHING. We have grape flavoured things here in Australia, but they do not taste ANYWHERE as good as Japanese grape!
Oh how I miss my grape icecream and melon soda >___<
I got myself a dress, jumper and cardigan from Wonder Rocket on the way back to the train station- all together only cost me $30! Then I found some really cute shoes for $20 ^^
Once back at Shibuya, we got pizza again! haha! Oh gosh it was so yummy >< Mine here was ham, egg, cheese, baby spinnach, onion, and capsicum with bbq sauce. OMM NOM NOM.

Then it was suddenly our last full day in Japan *___*
Without our JR passes we couldn't be bothered navigating the ticket machines in the train station, so we just hung around Shibuya all day!
 Mum and I in our 'we are happy to be going home but sad to be leaving' faces.
Also, I'm wearing the same dress as the night before XD

We visited Tower Records again, then I was like "LETS GO THE THE DISNEY STORE AGAIN!" But this time, I made an effort to take heaps of photos XD
 Going up the stairs! The store is 3 stories high!
 Pinocchio's little corner
 I was so excited when I saw this- I couldn't believe I didn't notice Peter Pan's shadow earlier! XD
 Saying goodbye to the Disney Store <3

Then we went out for lunch... at Maccas. haha! This time I will show you what I got... Teriyaki McBurger! It is so delicious- I actually got this every time we went to Maccas while in Japan. And grape Fanta. Oh gosh how I love grape Fanta.

We wandered around some more, found a beautiful Ballet store that I was like "HNGGGG"ing over- makes me miss doing ballet so bad ><; Then after a little while we ended back at 109. I said hello the the Rose Fan Fan shop girl who had been SO SWEET to us every time we went in there- I really wish I had gotten her name, she was so pretty and always made us feel welcome even if we didn't buy anything ^_^
Then on one of the top floors we stopped to eat and rest again at a restaurant. I wasn't exactly hungry so I ordered an icy treat (as it was their summer menu) and it ended up being HUGE! haha! But it was so delicious! It was shaved ice and coconut, covered in strawberry sauce, with jelly >__<
I am clearly excited about my treat! :D

I stopped at Liz Lisa on the way out and grabbed a dress I had been eying off for a while, plus a top and head bow!
Then we decided it was probably time to go home and TRY pack everything ready for tomorrow! We walked around one last time in Shibuya at night, and stopped at Family Mart to grab food for the next day. I miss Shibuya at night so much <3

 The day of us leaving!
With everything packed the night before- half of the things I had purchased were in mum's suitcase, because I had filled mine up already ^^;- we relaxed in the room for about an hour.
 Mum cracked open one last Japanese beer! haha!
 I wore my new Liz Lisa dress and headbow!

Then we called for room service, and they came and collected our bags.
The trip to Shibuya Station was both hilarious and tiresome. We had to drag our bags up 3 stories to get to the platform XD
 (Lol, we actually got on the Narita Express on platform 4, but I took a photo of Platform 3 instead. XD)
My last YUMMY sandwich from Family Mart. Seriously- I got this thing almost every day, just because it was so delicious and fresh!

Then we hopped on the Narita Express and watched the Japanese countryside go past as we made our way to Narita airport!
 We were there nice and early, so we stopped to watch a pianist play some beautiful songs!
 Mum did her usual finding-strangers-to-talk-to thing, and introduced us to Danielle! She was from New York and sooooo lovely! I really hope one day I can go to New York and catch up with her again! :D
 Amy, Danielle and I.
 This is Amy and my "PWEEZE can we borrow 500 yen to buy some manga before we go?!" faces as we pleaded to Mum- who was the only one with money left over. haha!
 And mum couldn't resist us! haha! <3
Finally, as grey clouds were setting in and the sun started to set, we were sitting at our plane's terminal.
This is our plane!

Saying goodbye to Japan was so bitter-sweet. I really missed Mikey and my friends at home, but Japan was just so PERFECT. It was everything I had read/dream/heard about! I am CERTAINLY without a doubt going back again soon. I had such an amazing time and I loved every second of it! :D <3
When I got home, I had Mikey, Kelly and Bee waiting for me at the airport. It was so great to see them all! <3

I'll leave you with two funny photos:
This one was at Sydney airport on the way home (you can see mum's head in the corner as she sleeps, haha!) What a weird add! XD
And finally, a photo of Amy and I being strange in the 100yen store. haha. Awesome hats! XD


Well, thats the last of the Japan Chronicles! :D I hope I can go back and have even more funny adventures there soon! ^_^

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I think I adore you and I really want to be your friend now, haha!! This post made me miss everything about Japan <3 I can't wait to go back, now! I wish I had more details in my Japan posts, now T^T Thanks for sharing!! I'll be your new follower haha! (´ ▽`).。o♡