Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Catching Up on Colourful Days

Hello everyone!
I'm trying my best to update this blog weekly now... TRYING SO HARD. haha! I don't EXACTLY write about exciting things, however I want to try my best to make even the most mundane event more exciting for you to read about ^_^
So here is a quick little question I would really appreciate you answer!

*What do you enjoy reading about most on my blog, and what would you like to read more of?*
  • Fashion Hauls/Outfits
  • Mermaiding
  • Events
  • Tutorials (which I plan to start doing!)
  • Every Day Life
I believe I write posts which contain all of these normally XD But its always great to get constructive feedback from readers! ^_^ hehe! Please leave a comment with your answer! <3


After getting back from Japan life has been busy- I thought it would quieten down so I could spend some time saving money/seeing friends/relaxing. However, after my arrival back in Australia it occurred to me that AVCon (the annual anime/manga and video game convention) was only a two months away... *_*
Luckily I already had 1/2 of a cosplay organized, and a basic idea of what the second one would be. Now its literally 4 days away! I'm about 90% complete on both cosplays- but every night this week I'll be slaving away trying to finish them! haha! Wish me luck!

Princess Kida and Princess Serenity... two princess in two days! :D
I am cosplaying Kida from Atlantis The Lost Empire on Saturday, and Princess Serenity on Sunday (mainly because I was Super Sailor Moon last year...and she's my favourite character! hehe!) I've been trying desperately the last two weeks to lose enough weight to have a flat(ter) belly for Kida >.< I hate my little bulge so I really pray it wont be noticeable!!

Other than this, I haven't been particularly busy! Everyone is in the same boat I am: frantically trying to finish cosplays and/or saving money; which means I dont get to see many of my friends lately ^^; Its ok though- I know after AVCon things will (hopefully) go back to normal for all of us!

Now that I can finally get back to 'almost' normal life, let me update you all on the last few months!
Before going to Japan I unfortunately missed out on going to the Medieval Fair >< I was upset- I had a dress ready and had sewn myself a woolen cloak to keep warm with! It so happened that Mikey got called into work, and NO ONE was available to go with me. There is always next year I guess- although I wont lie: I'm still pretty sore about it. lol.
However, I did manage to get to the Japanese Festival being held on the Sunday. It was slightly cold with a few gentle showers of rain, so I rugged up underneath my yukata. The festival wasn't exactly thrilling- I enjoyed seeing my friends and watching the displays of martial arts though! All the lines to the food (especially takoyaki) were super long, so I didn't get to try much of the cuisine except a really yummy curry bun and some sweet cakes. I wasn't too disheartened because I knew only 2 days later I'd be in Japan anyway! haha!
Nans, Bee and Me at the Japanese Festival
Landing back in Australia 2.5 weeks later, I was faced with unpacking two suitcases (because half the stuff I had purchased was in mum's suitcase too!) and pulled out all the Angelic Pretty stuff I had gotten. I was pleased with my haul, however I still wanted more. haha. I guess its better I only got this amount as otherwise it might not have fitted in the suitcase! Here's a dodgy phone picture for you!:

I didn't take any photos of the 'normal' clothes I had purchased ^^; Silly me!

Then on June the 2nd we celebrated International Lolita Day (Winter edition for us Southern Equator lolitas!). We went to have tea and noms at a restaurant then had numerous photos taken in the park. I had to run off early, unfortunately, as Mikey and I had a family gathering to attend too!
 My outfit for the day... everything Angelic Pretty. Like normal. haha!
 All the lolitas who attended!
Out at the tea place.

Then on the weekend of the 22nd I was rather busy! First I had a Cosplay Picnic event run by Miss Ollie Cosplay. I couldn't stay long, but it seemed like there was a good turn out even though it was rainy and cold. And I saw a dead possum ><; Poor little thing. Even when it was dead it was cute! After my short stay I had to run off to the Lolita Swap Meet held at my dear friend Christine's; when I arrived I was amazed at how much stuff we were all selling/trading! She and her partner had been cooking too, so the house smelt like a cake shop- it was really truly perfect. I said to Christine "this is like Lolita heaven." haha! By the time everyone had arrived, though, I had to run off again! As the final event for the day was a ball in honour of AVCon's 10th Anniversary. I dressed in a basic party dress, but tried to make mermaid accessories to pretty myself up. ^_^ It was a really fun night of dancing!
 All the lolitas at the swap meet!
 Out at AVCon's 10th Anniversary!
 The glue on my headdress didn't dry properly... somehow all the shells stayed on until I got home! haha!
Finally, just last weekend I had my beautiful friend Suz's birthday party! The theme was Pure Trance- one of her favourite manga which is set in a crazy world! I didn't get to read all the manga but I chose a character called Rika to go as! She held it in a nightclub in town, and it was so much fun! It was great to see everyone dressed up too!
 The character I went as ^_^
 Kelly went as one of the nurses!
Me, Danielle, Kelly and birthday girl Suz! <3
Now, with 4 days until AVCon, I've been a little naughty and purchased some new clothes ^^; I got permission from Mikey first, though! haha! I only got 4 things from Yumetenbo, so hopefully they will arrive by end of next week :D I'm trying to fill my wardrobe with mermaidy/nautical/pastel things! It means I need to do ANOTHER closet clean-out, but its overdue as I havn't done one for a few months and I need be brutal! haha!
 I got this in the spotty light blue!
 This set in the pink
 This top in cream with the pink tie
And this beautiful dress in mint!
I'll also finish this post with two random pictures~
 I am terrible in the kitchen... lets just say I am not a chief by any means... but I experimented the other day and made something I call a 'Pizza Omelet'! It pretty much explains itself! haha!

And while I was waiting for Mikey to pick me up from the Tram stop, I took a photo of the colourful lights on the dome of the Entertainment Centre- they change colour and go all different patterns!
I most likely wont be able to update again until next week, so I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Wish me luck at AVCon! ^_^

Much Love and Happy Swimming! <3 


  1. eeep! i love the sailor style dress in navy~ i can;t wait to see photos of you in yours!

    1. They arrived yesterday- but Mikey left them at his work, so I cant wait for tonight so I can finally try them on!! haha! XD I really love the pastel nautical theme <3

  2. I love everything you post up here! So it's kind of hard to choose what I'd like to see more of, maybe more outfit posts and mermaiding updates? :3

    1. naw, thank you so much! XD I try to write interesting stuff, but really its just like an online diary... LOL! I'd like to change that however, so thank you! :D I will certainly be writing more about Mermaiding- its beginning to consume my life, haha! <3 <3