Wednesday, August 1, 2012

i.Fairy Kimchi Mermaid in Blue!

I was lucky enough to be able to try out the SUPER cute and colourful series of i.Fairy Mermaid!
I started out with my favourite lens colour, Blue! :D

 The design is super pretty, and the diametre is 16mm! Great for big dolly eyes!
 Look how BIG they are in my eyes!!
 I decided to go with the theme- Mermaid! :D

 Sitting in the bath. In my tail. Wishing it was Summer!!

Comfort: 7/10
Size: 8/10
Colour/Design: 9/10

These lenses are BIG! They are 16mm, so not for the faint of heart (or eye... whichever). I found these really cool to wear! XD The comfort is ok, obviously it is a bigger lens so it can be felt easier when blinking, however I just pumped my eyes with contact-safe eye drops until they got used to it and then they were fine! I wouldn't recommend wearing these for any more than 3 hours without eye drops, though, as they do get dry after a while! Other than the comfort, the size is obviously not for every day wear- they are so BIG! But thats what I like about them!! XD They are great for cosplay or photoshoots! The colour and design is really cute too, I thought it was very lovely in my grey eyes. These were my first experience with ''iFairy'' lens, and so far I am loving them! They are so cute!!

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