Monday, August 13, 2012

EOS BlythEye Blue!

Such bright, pretty lenses!

Full face, without make up! :D

I wore these to AVCon this year... as one of my all time favourite characters! :D
 Princess Serenity! :D

Comfort: 10/10
Size: 9/10
Colour/Design: 8/10

These lenses are the smallest I've reviewed so far- at a mere 14mm! hehe! But, they are now one of my favourites!! I never thought that 14mm lenses would look good in my eyes (in the past I had some unlucky experiences with 14mm- they were too small for my eyes so I couldn't see through the middle properly and it gave me headaches! lol!) but I can now take back my skepticism. These were- by far- the comfiest lenses I have ever worn. Seriously. I wore them for two days straight without so much as an itch!! I put them in, and promptly forgot about them. They were incredibly comfortable. Sizing wize, they are small enough to wear everyday without causing too much of a stir. I can see myself buying more in different colours and just wearing them at work... they give a lovely enlarging effect without looking alien-like when not wearing make up! The colour is a lovely bright blue- which is what I was after, as I purchased these for cosplay purposes. I wish the subtle colour change was more obvious in my eyes, however, but I dont really mind because its such a pretty colour. I can now honestly eat my words- 14mm does suit me- I am a convert! XD

Check them out for yourself at

Thanks for reading! :D

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