Wednesday, June 8, 2011

little update

Hi everyone! :D
Just a little update- I'm trying to keep up to date with things! lol!

On Saturday was International Lolita Day and our city had a big meetup- which I was unable to go to! I didn't mind, though, as we were celebrating Mikey's birthday.
That morning Mikey, Jeremy and I went for a hike again. Although we were running short on time, so literally we ran. I forgot how much I love running! :D When we got home we each jumped in and out of the shower, and half an hour later were on the road again to meet more of Mikey's friends for lunch!
I took this lunch opportunity to wear at least ONE piece of my lolita wardrobe, as to not forsake ILD. haha!
I look all sneaky in my sunnies... haha!
Fantastic Dolly jsk: Angelic Pretty
Sunnies: Dolce & Gabbana
Beanie: Curvys
Everything else: Offbrand
We went to the Hogs Breath Cafe. I hadn't been there since I was 10 and on holiday in Queensland, but HOLY WOW it as SO YUMMY! haha! I had a HUGE burger and it was awesome. Plus, the people working there were really nice! I am so making that place a frequent hangout.
Afterwards we just wandered the city, played a few games in an arcade, and spent $15+ on a punching machine which tells you how hard you an punch! lol! Mikey got top score (of course) and hilariously enough, despite being the only girl, I beat half of the guys! Mikey was like "thats my girl" all proud ^_^

Then on Sunday I went to have coffee and see a movie with two friends! I decided to do some very basic gyaru makeup- just a tiny bit of eye makeup with top and bottom falsies and my grey diamond lenses.

LOL, sorry about the retarded face shot... its the only one I took >__<;
Wore my new work blazer too... haha! I wanted to coordinate it with something less corporate, so I paired it with a short dress and tights and short healed boots.
I pretty much ate junk the whole time... haha! Had a RockyRoad crepe and chai latte, then at the movies had popcorn and frozen coke ><; We saw the new Xmen movie- I wasn't disappointed. Despite a few holes in the plot (which probably only a geek like me would notice...) it was a great film!

Finally, last night I went to Kelly's house to do some cosplay discussion! Its only 7 weeks til AVCon- holy crap! I decided to dress in casual lolita... as I'm starting to get the shopping itch again and I'm trying to quell it by rewearing all my older dresses! haha!

OP, Socks: Angelic Pretty
Sneakers: Swimmer
Beret: Curvys
Cardigan: Offbrand
Lol, our room is so messy ><; Between Mikey and I, all our clothes end up on the floor and not in the cupboard.
I am seriously excited about AVCon! It will be my first year cosplaying the whole weekend (I've only cosplayed once to one day a few years ago, every other day I wore lolita) so its going to be busy busy busy! Especially the first day... I will have to get up extra early to glue, liquid latex, and makeup these on:
XD I'm only holding them on here...

But anyway- I fear my weekends and things shall be full of cosplay making from now til AVCon! I must not allow myself to become distracted, especially knowing that Kelly is doing pretty much ALL the sewing for our SailorMoon group alone. I want to at least keep her company, because I am beginning to feel horrible knowing how much work she has got to do in such little time. All I've got to do is sew my (very simple) dress for day 1, redo some shoes for both days, and make a staff. Poor Kelly has been remaking accessories/shoes and now she's still got 8 dresses to make and her own cosplay for Saturday! D:
...Wish us luck! XD

Stay classy, planet earth!!


  1. u're lovely ^^
    love AP Fantastic Dolly JSK

  2. I love Fantastic Dolly! I saw a few germans wearing it too*O* you look great with it!!