Monday, September 24, 2012

Life's little Ups and Downs

This is a personal post, but first off I want to say how happy I am because I got asked to do an interview for Cynthia Mermaid's blog!:
Please pop over and have a read of my interview, and follow her too! She interviews a lot of unique and interesting mermaids (although, what mermaid ISN'T unique or interesting? ;D)

These last two weeks have been odd- lots of ups and downs. I've been sick, healthy, happy, sad. Gosh, everything! I graduated my course last Wednesday which was so awesome, I was so happy I drove straight to Mikey to pick him up from work to celebrate! ...Only to be pulled over by the police because I had forgotten to pay my rego ><;; So yeah... theres a $400 fine. :/ The rest of the evening I spent crying and sulking because I was so mad at myself and upset that the fine was so expensive! Not a good way to end my graduation! Although at the graduation was the first time I told my fellow class mates that I was a 'mermaid'. lol! Some had already seen the TV interview, but they hadn't said anything. Everyone was really supportive, I even got some offers of help regarding legalities, etc.

Well, anyways!
I thought I would do a little run-down on my life at the moment, using some photos ^_^

A few weeks ago I went to a Retro Fair with my friend, Jessica. I decided to wear something kinda-retro, although I was just dressing up for fun than on-theme! lol!

And the Spring weather started coming! Sunny afternoons and cherry blossoms!

Got the new Barbie movie (The Princess and The Popstar). Wasn't a huge fan of this movie- the animation is getting better with each film, though XD

A group of loli's went out for tea to have a meeting- we are organizing an end of year ball, very exciting! It was just a casual thing, so I didn't wear lolita, but I wanted to feel mermaidy so I wore my scale-dress with a high waisted skirt ^^

We went to this really yummy dessert place afterwards, our icecreams were HUGE!

Finally got some new glasses- my old ones were 5 years old ^^;;; 

Took some funny bad-ass photos in my black mermaid tail for my lens review blog. This one was my favourite- but I REALLY struggle to look bad-ass. haha.

Then this Saturday my lovely friends Kelly and Steph were recording a song, and Kelly had asked if I would sing the chorus! :D Kelly wrote it two years ago but had never gotten around to recording it; its a lolita parody and its AWESOME.
First we went to the Himeji gardens to do a run through! It was quiet and warm there, really lovely.

I got to wear one of my high-low skirts I got from eBay! :D

We met up with Breeana, who was the brains behind all the studio gear (thank so much!) And then we started recording! :D So much fun!

That evening I crashed really early- it was Neko Nation but I didn't have the cash/effort to go (plus no outfit! lol!) but in doing so I missed out on something very important... literally two minutes after I checked Facebook before going to bed, my big sister posted a heart-warming status.
Jack, her partner, had proposed!! XD

I woke up the next day to a msg from her, and found the photo on her Facebook! Their football team (Aussie rules, for anyone interested) had won their Grand Final for the first time in 20 years, and Jack had jokingly said that if they won he'd marry her. Well, turns out he was telling the truth!
I am so so so happy for them! I know they are perfect for each other and they deserve all the happiness in the world! Love you big sis! <3

So Sunday I spent the day cleaning, and making my first mermaid bra!
These are just the progress pics, I am actually going to deco them tonight with pearls and things! ^_^ It is sewn onto an actual bra, but because its skin coloured you cannot see it, cool huh? :D (Excuse the pudgy belly... I got to start working out again XD)

And here are two random photos from Sunday night, our dinner- Kangaroo and chocolate, haha, yes we are strange.

And Mikey being a big kid, playing with a mini helicopter. He's such a cutie <3

So that's a brief catch-up on my life in photos! lol!


I also purchased some dresses this month, both from a local lolita who was selling all her sweet things!

Milky Planet Special Set

this Angelic Pretty hime dress, my first proper hime dress! So happy!

(wrong colour, I cant find the proper colour on Hello Lace :P)
I too am still trying to sell two dresses- my AP Strawberry Ribbon OP in pink and AP Twinkle Tartan Heart Pocket jsk in Pink- but no one is buying at the moment it seems XD (except me- lol!) If you're interested let me know! Haha!

I am also waiting to hear news from Merbellas regarding my tail- I cant wait to hear from them! :D

Well, that's all I can think of for the moment! ^_^
Thank you very much for reading! <3

Saturday, September 15, 2012

i.Fairy Kimchi Mermaid in Red

 It doesn't look too red on their model, more brown!

 Hat is from Disneyland Tokyo, how cute is it? XD

 Dressed kogal! :D

Comfort: 8/10
Size: 8/10
Colour/Design: 7/10

As for comfort and size, these ones are just as great as all the other colours! :D The design is also nice and obvious in the eyes! ^_^ My only issue is the colour- is it meant to be red or brown? haha! I like this colour, its a lovely shade of brown- but if they were trying for a red they didn't quite make it XD hehe! *

Thanks for reading! <3

i.Fairy Kimchi Mermaid in Green!

 Pretty green!

 I tried to go for a 'Green eyed monster' kind of look! hehe! XD

Evil mermaid is evil. haha!!

Comfort: 8/10
Size: 8/10
Colour/Design: 9/10

I love these green lenses! The design is so bright and cool, and it looks awesome in photos! :D The comfort is great for a large lens, if I have any trouble I just pop some eyedrops in and then its fine! ^_^ If you are looking for a big, bold green lens, I recommend these!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spring Summer Excitement!

I am not going to lie: I am so excited that Summer is just around the corner!
The last of Winter is gone, and Spring is taunting me with glimpses of warm weather- sunny mornings and bright days- that end in thunder storms and days of rain after! haha!

Because of all this anticipation, I've decided to do a tiny style overhaul. Out with the old boring clothes, in with some new summer clothes!

So I've made a little list of things I plan on getting and incorporating into my wardrobe ready for summer!
(I apologize in advance for the dodgy picture-collages, I did this at work using Paint! haha!)
Flowy skirts and dresses! I'm hanging onto the high-low trend forever, as I just love the shorter front and long, floaty back. It makes me feel mermaidy! I've just invested in 5 skirts from an eBay store in all different colours! hehe! XD For a real cool evening look, check out this style in Leather! How awesome is that?
Following the chiffon long skirts, is bustier tops! They are also a huge love for me, although I have never been brave enough to wear them (except once!). But I have bigger hips and a smaller waist/back so high waisted skirts and tight tops look best on me ;D I want to invest in plenty of colours/patterns to mix with my high-low skirts; they can be worn casually or easily dressed up for an evening on the foreshore!
Tight singlet-dresses! I've got (and probably will always have) an issue with my body shape- I've got bumps in all the WRONG places! But I've come to love the tighter dresses layered under flowy or chiffon tops! Its such a versatile look, one I saw a lot of in Japan. If I'm having a fat day (and its not too dang hot!) I'll just wear some shape-wear beneath. Black Milk Clothing has some truly awesome dresses (the bunny dress, 'kawaii' dress and galaxy dress above), but at the moment I can't afford $100 a dress so its Taobao or eBay for me! :P
Mermaid accessories! I cant wear my tails all the time (... or can I?!) so to bring my mermaid-self into everyday, I am loving sea-inspired jewelry! Shells, starfish, mermaid shapes- in all colours! The best thing of all: nothing says 'summer at the beach' more than shells! And who says you cant wear a sea-shell bra in 'normal' clothing? ;D Shell-inspired waist belts and bracelets are something I really want to invest in!

Bright, rainbow Pastels. Its a shame Australia is so behind in fashion, I only just managed to snap up the last of the pastel trend from Japan before they started their Autumn/Winter collections! I love the mints, pinks, lavenders, blues and yellows! I hope to fill my entire wardrobe with them! Mixing pastels with gold/cream statement pieces is something I look forward to in the warmer weather! How cool are those tie-dye shorts and jeans?

Thick, flowy and Rainbow hair! I am missing the pink tips I used to have, but now I am interested in blue/pink hair combos! I also am a sucker for long, wavy hair! Because my own hair isn't going to magically grow thick and long by summer, I think I'll have to invest in some more wigs! (Although, the biggest downfall to wigs in Australian summer is, well, you can probably guess! haha! Sweaty heads are not fun!)

And thats what my wish-list looks like for the warmer months! :D Of course a tan is included, because I'm white as a ghost at the moment. haha.
What is something you really love about summer and spring, fashion-wise or just in general?

Thank you so much for reading!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Beauty Bloggers Conference 2012

Hello dear readers! :D

So this weekend I got to go to the Adelaide Beauty Bloggers Conference! It was a first for me, in a lot of ways, but I was so excited! I didn't take as many photos as I should have, though, and I regret it! ><; I only had my phone so hopefully the pictures I do show aren't terrible! lol! The theme this year was 'Australian Beauty Brands' so I knew it would be full of awesome local beauty products!
This is what I wore:

I went for a mermaidy outfit!
Dress: Temt (Australia)
Cardigan: Momo Wonder Rocket (Japan)
Shoes: Store in Shibuya 109 (Japan)
Starfish clip: Made by me
Its hard to see, but the dress is layered with scales! XD

I got Mikey to drop me off early at the event, it was held at Media Makeup Academy. At first I thought I was lost when I walked into a food court, but then I saw these beautiful white signs saying "Media Makeup" and then "Beauty Bloggers Conference" with the iconic mascot, and I knew I was in the right place! Waiting at the door was the beautiful Stephanie of jeneara to greet me, and she gave me her hand-made name tag which was so cute!
Steph and I <3
Then I was given my first goody bag *_* I couldn't believe it! Little did I know there would be more to come...
Upstairs there was already a good turn out of attendees! I was happy to see another face I knew, Katherine from it was her first time too so we were both excited together! hehe!
There was food to eat- including these AMAZING cake-pops. Yes. Cake-pops. I only had 2 as I didn't want to seem a pig, but I could've eaten them all. There was also a huge cake and lots of delicious cup-cakes with the mascot on them! And of course some yummy savory things which I admit I probably ate most of ><; (I swear I left the food table for SOME time)

The event began at 1pm! We were given a tour of Media Makeup Academy- it was surprising big! I was amazed by it all- still being 'new' to the whole make up world it was incredible to see what you could learn and where you could apply it; and Media Makeup Academy had classes for it all! They even had an FX make up course, for theatre and movies, which I was kinda excited about. hehe!

After being shown around the academy, we got to sit down and hear a little about EVO, an Australian hair and beauty brand! They have a pretty interesting marketing angle, which we all had a good laugh at, but I'm excited to try their products! They gave us two RANGES of their hair products to try out!

Following a short break (so I could eat some more... haha!) we were introduced to three ranges of products: Alchemy, Pure Therapy and A'kin; all of which are under the same company!
We got to be scientists, haha! We got another awesome goodie bag from them too! Mikey stocks their Alchemy brand in his health store, so I know they are good for my skin/hair.
Being a scientist, hehe!

Now came the games! It was a game of pictionary, except using Australian Beauty Brands! I knew right away that I would be no help to my team! lol! Unfortunately we lost the first round, which meant that the winner would go to the finals and be in the draw to win ANOTHER HUGE beauty prize each! I preferred to cheer people on, especially because it was pretty dang hard and whoever won DESERVED it!

Finally, the last event of the day was the blogger panel! Three very experienced bloggers talked about why they became a blogger, how they make money from blogging (or why they choose not to) and everything in between! It was really informative, I learnt a lot that I want to apply to my own blog soon!

All in all, it was a wonderful day! I really learnt a lot, which is what I was hoping, and met some totally awesome people! The party continued that evening with a dinner, however my eyes were sore so I decided to go home early (lol, I'm such a grandma).

There will hopefully be some more photos up for you to see soon! Keep an eye on: Adelaide Beauty Conference for updates! ^_^ There will even be a video! :D

And to finish this post off, here is a picture of all the goodie bags I received! I've never gotten so much free stuff in my life! XD I cant wait to try it all out!! <3

Thank you for reading! <3

Also, I thought I would show a wonderful present given to me by my best friend, Kelly!
Its a dust-stopper for my Iphone! Isn't is perfect? :D A cute little pearl starfish! <3