Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spring Summer Excitement!

I am not going to lie: I am so excited that Summer is just around the corner!
The last of Winter is gone, and Spring is taunting me with glimpses of warm weather- sunny mornings and bright days- that end in thunder storms and days of rain after! haha!

Because of all this anticipation, I've decided to do a tiny style overhaul. Out with the old boring clothes, in with some new summer clothes!

So I've made a little list of things I plan on getting and incorporating into my wardrobe ready for summer!
(I apologize in advance for the dodgy picture-collages, I did this at work using Paint! haha!)
Flowy skirts and dresses! I'm hanging onto the high-low trend forever, as I just love the shorter front and long, floaty back. It makes me feel mermaidy! I've just invested in 5 skirts from an eBay store in all different colours! hehe! XD For a real cool evening look, check out this style in Leather! How awesome is that?
Following the chiffon long skirts, is bustier tops! They are also a huge love for me, although I have never been brave enough to wear them (except once!). But I have bigger hips and a smaller waist/back so high waisted skirts and tight tops look best on me ;D I want to invest in plenty of colours/patterns to mix with my high-low skirts; they can be worn casually or easily dressed up for an evening on the foreshore!
Tight singlet-dresses! I've got (and probably will always have) an issue with my body shape- I've got bumps in all the WRONG places! But I've come to love the tighter dresses layered under flowy or chiffon tops! Its such a versatile look, one I saw a lot of in Japan. If I'm having a fat day (and its not too dang hot!) I'll just wear some shape-wear beneath. Black Milk Clothing has some truly awesome dresses (the bunny dress, 'kawaii' dress and galaxy dress above), but at the moment I can't afford $100 a dress so its Taobao or eBay for me! :P
Mermaid accessories! I cant wear my tails all the time (... or can I?!) so to bring my mermaid-self into everyday, I am loving sea-inspired jewelry! Shells, starfish, mermaid shapes- in all colours! The best thing of all: nothing says 'summer at the beach' more than shells! And who says you cant wear a sea-shell bra in 'normal' clothing? ;D Shell-inspired waist belts and bracelets are something I really want to invest in!

Bright, rainbow Pastels. Its a shame Australia is so behind in fashion, I only just managed to snap up the last of the pastel trend from Japan before they started their Autumn/Winter collections! I love the mints, pinks, lavenders, blues and yellows! I hope to fill my entire wardrobe with them! Mixing pastels with gold/cream statement pieces is something I look forward to in the warmer weather! How cool are those tie-dye shorts and jeans?

Thick, flowy and Rainbow hair! I am missing the pink tips I used to have, but now I am interested in blue/pink hair combos! I also am a sucker for long, wavy hair! Because my own hair isn't going to magically grow thick and long by summer, I think I'll have to invest in some more wigs! (Although, the biggest downfall to wigs in Australian summer is, well, you can probably guess! haha! Sweaty heads are not fun!)

And thats what my wish-list looks like for the warmer months! :D Of course a tan is included, because I'm white as a ghost at the moment. haha.
What is something you really love about summer and spring, fashion-wise or just in general?

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. I'm a little envious of all the cute things you'll get to wear because winter is just hitting us here! I absolutely looove that leopard skirt but my absolutely favorite item is the studded bustier tops. I like how versatile your style is, hope we get to see some of your buys and outfits!

    I am a big fan of fall the most because I love jackets and boots, extremely, and some deep colors. But one thing I can't live without from the summer over winter is high-waisted shorts. I've been dying for them for awhile and then I finally get some and start making some and winter is hitting close! (I was sick for a long time on bed rest and didn't get to experience everything in fashion, slowly building a wardrobe!) I hope I can wear some sweater tights or something because I'm not a huge fan of pants. Which is why summer is good haha.

    1. hehe, it feels like the 'grass is greener on the other side' sometimes, doesn't it? I love summer, but our fashions are so behind that when summer does hit Australia all the stores I love to buy from overseas are selling winter items! haha! I am also not a huge fan of pants- my legs look slimmer in skirts ><