Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ariel The Little Mermaid - Pink Gown Part 2

Part 2 of making my cosplay!
Part 1 is here

Ariel The Little Mermaid
Pink Gown

Part 2.

The sleeves were the next step!
I made a mock-up from some scrap fabric first, as I wasn't sure how big or nice-looking the diamonds on the sleeve puffs would be!
I was pretty happy with this first attempt.

So it was onto the fashion fabric!
I made this picture super-big so the details are easier to see.
I cut out diamond shapes in the outer fashion fabric, pinned the corners down for a smooth finish, and then backed it with the white bridal satin.
There is also a cotton lining but it wasn't added until after the next step!

Ah, beading, I don't know whether I love you or hate you.

This was my first attempt EVER at hand-beading. I purchased an embroidery ring, which helped a lot. In total it took 3 nights on-and-off to bead around each diamond. I love the result! Using AB glass beads and white pearls means that in the light it really glitters, and also some AB shell sequins to tie it together.

I added the cotton lining and hand-gathered/pleated the sleeves. Before sewing they looked like this:

And I hand-sewed them to the bodice!
Yay! It looks the way its supposed to look! Haha!

Next was the simple long-sleeves, I made my own pattern for this because its super easy. I added white piping to the pointed sleeve ends, as well as two button loops so I could have it tight around my wrists.
No photos of this process, sorry! >.< 

Next step was the decorations! (Wee!)
This was a long and interesting process.

I had purchased a huge roll of wide lace (I think it was 15 meters!) and dyed it pink. Unfortunately, even though the dye was 'rose pink' (a lovely soft, subtle pink) the lace turned out hot-pink. I have no idea why. As I was dying it, I literally blinked and it had gone from white to hot pink. After 4 attempts at washing it with clothes powder and soaking it for hours, it had faded a little- but not enough. So that was scrapped!
In my enthusiasm I had also purchased 10 meters of a thin white lace, which I'd intended to add to the hem of the pink overskirt. But once it was pinned in place... I hated it. It was too much!

Luckily, I had a third option, which was a beautiful pearl-drop trim I'd purchased in bulk. I pinned it on, and yes, it was perfect! 
This is with the pearl-trim pinned on. Its subtle, right?
...But it needed more sparkle...
So I spent the next 4 days hand-sewing the pearl trim on, with extra AB and pink beads, and the AB shell sequins.
My hands were raw from stabbing myself with pins, but it was worth it! haha!
(No close-up photos of this as of yet, I will do more detail shots once I do a final photoshoot)

The evening before AVCon I threw together a simple bow to cover the back of the dress, as it wasn't 100% completed. (Sorry no photos again...)

It's still not entirely finished- I would like to add some more pearls and maybe some rhinestones to make it more sparkly! hehe! But I debuted it at AVCon as-is, and I was very happy to finally wear it! :)

The wig was interesting; I'd purchased two different coloured red wigs, and had planned to join them together to create a lovely mix. But after 3 wefts were sewn in, I changed my mind. lol. So I pulled the wefts out and used just the base wig!

But anyways, here are some photos taken at AVCon:

I am really happy with my first gown! I cant wait to add more sparkly things to it and have a proper photoshoot, perhaps at a beautiful garden somewhere :)
Once I do, I will post the photos on my costuming page on Facebook:

Time to Complete:
I started this project at the end of June, and it was worn at AVCon on July the 20th, so it was just under a months work!

I hadn't actually thought about this... lol.
A rough estimate would be about $350-$400, including the crinoline petticoat, all the fabric, trims, etc.  

Final Thoughts:
This was my first big gown ever, and I am thrilled with it!! I really felt like a princess wearing this!
Like I've mentioned above, there are more things I would like to add to it, such as pearls and rhinestones. I would also like to alter the sleeves- they are slightly too long. I discovered later that the dress was worn too high on my shoulders (getting dressed in a rush was to blame) as it was meant to be more off-the-shoulder; the bum-rump I wore beneath the dress might've helped lift the bodice higher, pushing it up on my shoulders. But the way it sits, even on the shoulders, is just beautiful!

This was my biggest sewing project to-date, and I am so happy it turned out well!

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  1. Excellent tutorial! This has helped me with my sleeves and your con photos turned out beautifully!