Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cafe Mimi- Macchiato and Latte! Sounds yummy!

Hi everyone! 
Sorry for the lack of updates- my camera has finally died! (may it rest in peace). 

Todays review is of the other two Cafe Mimi lenses!

First up, is Macchiato!
 A cute swirly design!

As you can see, the design is ALMOST visible in my eyes! With flash it is easier to see!

I went with an everyday makeup style for this! No false lashes or black eye liner, so its a nice natural look. ^_^

 I really like these lenses worn with natural make up! 


Comfort: 9/10
Size: 9/10
Colour/Design: 7/10
Compared to Cafe Mimi's Cappuccino design, I really like the Macchiato! The colour is light enough to blend nicely into my grey eyes, and I love the darker ring around the outside. The only downside is that the design is lost- otherwise the size and comfort it great! Not being a huge fan of brown lenses, I was pleasantly surprised with how nice these looked.

Latte! <3
 A pretty star design, almost looks like a crystal.

 The design is easier to see than the other Cafe series!

And because I am a huge geek- I thought I would do some fantasy make up! ^_^


Herpa derp.

Comfort: 9/10
Size: 9/10
Colour/Design: 8/10
Latte is probably by favourite Cafe Mimi lenses! The design isn't as lost as the other colours, and they blend really well into grey eyes. GEO Mimi's are all extremely comfortable, which is why I always give them a 9/10, and I love 15mm lenses so again 9/10!  These are at the moment, my favourite brown lenses at the moment. ^_^

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hi lovelies!

Wow, I have totally fallen behind on updates, I'm sorry! ><;

Let me do a brief rundown on some things that have happened!
Neko Nation was on again!
This time I went as a Maiko Deer, hehe! I think I shall retire the deer now, although I seriously love wearing those huge ears! XD But I did destroy those crappy home-made antlers... lol. I've got some beautiful professional antlers at home but they slide off my head because they are too heavy :/

It was a really fun night! I was a grandma and left at like 1, because I was exhausted from working all week! But the music was great, there were heaps of people and like always it was a big success!

Between Neko Nation and Easter was really really quiet for me >< I'm still saving like made for Japan, so I've become a shut-in and an avoider-of-awesome-online-stores in an attempt to save cash! Its been darn hard.
But for Easter, Mikey and I flew back to my hometown to spend the long weekend there! It was really great. Very relaxing! We didn't do much- the weather turned out not so great- but we did manage to do some fishing, hiking, and I got to go for a (very freezing) swim!

Also while I was there, I finally managed to complete the first stage in my Secret Project which I was talking about a while ago! I guess I can finally reveal the project: I am training to be an underwater performer, especially in being a mermaid. Yep. Mermaiding- which is the term- has become rather popular in the USA and after discovering the online community a year or so ago I was like "Yes. This is what I want to do." I dont even care if I just do it for fun or other peoples enjoyment- its a physical hobby that really screams ME. That, and I've wanted to be a mermaid the minute I could swim :P
So the first stage of my Secret Project (lol, I just like saying that!) was to have my debut! To finally reveal my first tail (one of many!) and announce to the 'public' what I was aiming to do. By the public I mean my friends and facebook acquaintances. lol! I had a tiny photoshoot with mum and dad as the photographers, I had never been so excited before to swim in a tail. It was an amazing feeling!

Here are some shots from the day, but if you want to see more or are interested in my process/progress jump onto my mermaid page:

Anyways, after Mikey and I got back home after the weekend I became a shut-in again. lol! Didn't do anything! Just stayed at home organizing things for Japan and trying to sell things. lol! I still have a pile of lolita stuff- mostly Angelic Pretty- that I am trying to get rid of before Japan. Not having much luck- its like everyone is saving at the moment! haha!

But last friday night there was an awesome event in China Town where they aimed to recreate Takeshita Street! It was full of stalls, food and DJ's! I went straight after work so had to get changed at Tokyo Hardcore, then Kelly, Mikey and myself made our way there. It was a great atmosphere- plus there were alot of people, not just people who were into Japanese fashion or cosplay, but a lot of visitors who wanted to see what all the fuss was about! XD I wore my Sugary Carnival jsk- its been in hiding for AGES because I've been hoping to find the matching head bow, but I finally decided to pull it out of my wardrobe ^_^ Hopefully I'll find the matching head bow in Japan! I bumped into Amy and we squeed about going to Japan together, then she (easily) convinced me to get a strawberry bubble tea- which was amazing, by the way. Mikey was ever-so-patient with me as I ran around saying hello to everyone! XD I let him take me into a few stores when he wanted to, so it was fair :P We got some Poki and other food from the Asian grocery store, and Mikey got himself a cowboy hat (which he looks adorable in. I had to convince him to take it off when we got home. haha!)
It finished around 8.30 so as we left Kelly, Mikey and I stopped in at BreadTop and grabbed some tea for the road.

Its going to be a monthly event! XD yay! I suppose its exciting to wear lolita out at night- the only time of the year we can wear lolita safely at night is normally during AVCon, so finallly we can all coordinate warm lolita outfits for these street events! ^_^

I made Japanese curry for the first time Saturday night... was rather proud of myself! Mikey and his friend liked it, and I got to eat all the leftovers over the next few days (which is funny, because I think the leftovers tasted better!! XD )
In other news, my camera has officially died >__< You may recall I purchased an old camera from my sister... which was crap. So I gave it back to her (and I still haven't got the money back for it... sigh) and just kept using my ancient one. And now the ancient one has finally taken its last photograph *burial music* it will be missed! Which means... I dont have a camera XD Dangit!! I'm borrowing my friends to finish my lens reviews, but I wont have my own camera until I buy one AFTER Japan. Dad is lending me his for my trip- THANKS DADDY! I had my heart set on purchasing a new Panasonic camera before Japan, but with the price tag being at $600 I chose to just wait until I get back! I'd rather borrow a camera and have the $600 for spending in Japan! haha!

Regarding Japan, its only 2 weeks away now!! *__* OMG! I cant believe how close it is!! I am freaking out a little, because I'm still waiting on my passport... I've been waiting a good 3 weeks for it... *__* They KNOW my departure date, so hopefully they get it to me soon!
I wont be blogging while I am there- I wont even have phone signal (international roaming cost too darn much!) so I am going to write down the things we did each day so I can give a good report when I finally write up about it! XD

Anyways, I'll stop blabbing on now! XD

Catch you all soon! <3