Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm alive! SPAM TIME

Hi lovelies!
Sorry about the random blog hiatus, it was accidental! XD Life got a bit busy, and I found myself forgetting to update.
So this is a post to say I'M STILL ALIVE! and show some recent buys/outfits/events from the last month or so.
ps, I will get around to finishing the Lolita Meme, but I dont know when! Sorry! *is a terrible blogger*

So, I've had a few events but I wont get into detail, just show some photos ^_^

1st, had a mini AVCon one day convention. I cosplayed as Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles

2nd, the Moon Lantern Festival was held in our city to celebrate OzAsia
Kelly, Jenita and I in our yukata

3rd, Kelly and I were Cat Gurls for the Neko Nation nightclub again

4th, Kelly and I were also neko maids for another mini all-ages gaming event

Kelly and Suz being adorable! <3

5th, I finally cleaned my spare room! ...thats a big event, right?! XD
My lolita rack is bending precariously.... >_>

Recent Buys!
I had a huge shop from Taobao a while ago and stocked up on tons of cute summer dresses! I didnt take any photos, however ><; so... just believe me when I say they are cute! lol!

New bathers from Aimerfeel, a Japanese online lingerie store ^_^

 GUESS WHAT I GOT? XD So happy/excited about this!! Found it on Mbok, and got it for under $200US so pretty stoked! XD
 Chiffon blouse by Angelic Pretty- very excited about this!
And a little bunny-head pouch by Angelic Pretty! ^_^

Sailor Moon re-release in English! :D I am so happy that they are re-releasing these! Dream come true!

Also some things from Yumetenbo:
 I got this in pink and grey!
 I want to try Hime-gyaru soon, so I got myself some hime pumps in pinkxwhite!
And I got these in pink! :D I LOVE COWBOY BOOTS! <3

and look what I found in a little store in China Town?!
A W<3C shirt! And for pretty cheep too! What are the chances of that in THIS city? XD

I cant think of anything else that I got atm- besides from a few dvds, some compression shirts for Mikey, new perfume, etc. XD I love shopping wayyyy too much!!

Some random outfits:

Whats that I feel?! What on earth could it be?! Oh, thats right! ITS THE SUN! lol!
After what felt like a long rainy winter, Spring arrived and I was finally able to start wearing things without scarves or tights! <3

 ^Shorts underneath, to save me flashing mah undies XD

 ^Cooler day again, but better than wearing work clothes! XD
 ^Day at the park!

^Lunch with my man

Other things...
So, with the announcement of Angelic Pretty's 10 anniversary coming up in December, Suz and I were discussing flying to Tokyo to attend as part of her business Tokyo Hardcore (which is the only store in the southern hemisphere who stocks Angelic Pretty direct from Japan), especially for the chance to see a glimpse of next years prints. But that kinda fell through- in the end it was too short notice/too expensive (I would've had to take out a loan and Suz would've had to pay for her translator to get to Tokyo etc). I was a little disappointed, as I got my hopes up- considering the anniversary event was the 14th- the day before my birthday! But I'm ok with it now. Instead this December I am booking flights and accommodation to visit Japan in March/April next year- hopefully with Suz and her partner, and maybe some other girls too! (If only Mikey didn't work so much, I could drag him along too! hehe!) So, I'm excited all over again! ^_^

In other news, I've started a big project that I hope to complete before summer! All in all I guessed the total cost to be around $500Aus, and if I work hard it should be doable in a month. Mikey is keen to help out too, which really makes me happy! I've purchased the first part of the project, and I am waiting for it to arrive before I continue- I dont know if its RIGHT for what I'm after, so if it isn't I will have to make a new one to the correct dimensions. I want to tell you what it is, but it will have to wait! XD I've kept it a secret from most people, so it will be interesting to see their reactions once its done!

Got my eye on a new camera with a big lens kit. :3 I've had my crappy happy-snapper for almost 3 years now, and the quality of the images are horrible in todays standards. The one I am looking at is a Panasonic, its still rather small but the quality is awesome... and its pink. XD Again, I'm looking at being set back around $600-$700 for the camera plus lens kit, so it might take a few months of saving (and not buying as much stuff as usual) before I can get it. I would've loved lay-buy, however I dont think its in stores yet in Australia. So I can only get it online for now! XD

Mum and Dad went to Sumatra for two weeks- Dad pretty much surfed all trip and Mum made friends with everybody ^_^ When they landed back in Australia, I picked them up from the airport and spent the day with them before their final flight back home. THEY WERE SO TAN *___* So envious!! It is now my mission to get a tan, whether it be via sunlight or bottle! haha!

That is all I can conjure up from my memories right now! XD
Stay classy Planet Earth!!


  1. u're super kawaii un yukata ^^
    and im in love with these cowboy shoes,but my feets are too big for these shoes =_= paaaaain(((

  2. Those . . . . Shoooeeesss (~*3*)~ Want want want! But I am poor poor poor and terribly unfashionable (t-shirt and jeans FOREVER!)
    You have been up to so much =___= Makes me feel like a shlumpy-dump, you better make my birthday picnic fantastic! I'm counting on you to bring the shiny-happy! :p lol x

  3. You look gorgeous in all your outfits! I usually dislike giant buns on the top of people's heads, but you make it look good :b

    Your lolita room looks amazing :D Heehee, you can see your wings in the corner ^^

    And it's so awesome that you got the Milky Chan coat! If the weather stays crummy and cold you'll be able to wear it instead of having to wait until next year :3

    Ooh, I wonder if your secret project is a cosplay...