Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hello lovelies!
I would apologize again for the delay in entries, but I have come to the conclusion that I am an irregular blogger and thats how its probably always going to be! hehe!
I've finished with the write-up on Tokyo Hardcore's opening, so I will post it soon. ^_^ Today as I am at work and I'm being sneaky (sneaky sneaky me) I thought I would do a tiny update!

Besides having a few things on laybuy at Tokyo Hardcore (which I will be picking up this week! Two blouses and two bags, all Angelic Pretty) I recently splurged on myself with more Angelic Pretty! I really loved the design of their Sugar Hearts one piece, especially because I dont own anything in chiffon and the print was adorable, so I grabbed the OP in pink!
Its seriously comfortable. In fact, its ALOT bigger than all my other OP's; it has full back shirring but even I was surprised at the sizing. Two of my friends tried on Marionette Clock a few weeks ago and it was way too big on them- a good two sizes too big- and that was unshirred, so I am wondering if Angelic Pretty have started making their sizing bigger? Personally- I hope not! Sugar Hearts doesn't sit as well on me as my other dresses because of this; but I still love it anyway!

I also did a dramatic le-splat on to my desk when I saw the previews for Angelic Pretty's new print Decoration Dream, and knew I had to get it! I dont own any of the 'similar' prints, Dreamy Dollhouse or Merry Making Party, etc, so I knew it was a good purchase! Plus, IT HAS PONY COOKIES! XD
I contacted Chibi_Tenshi from Livejournal, as I've had many many MANY positive experiences with her shopping service in the past, and she was able to grab the bustle jumperskirt and headbow in pink for me! So very excited about it! I've asked Suz if she can grab any pony bags to sell in her store so I can buy them to match, but we will see <3

I'm going to try my best for the next few weeks (lol!) to not buy anything for myself! Even though Angelic Pretty has released previews of their next print, Twinkle Carousel, I am determined not to get it! hehe. Well, I'm TRYING to talk myself out of it! haha! Plus, I have a whole month break off work over Christmas and New Years- AGHH, NO INCOME! So I need to save some moolah! lol. On top of THAT, I still need to get materials for my project. Its been postponed unfortunately :( only because none of the suppliers I contacted replied to me!! So, I've found replacement suppliers and I need to order from them before Christmas.
The new Twinkle Carousel, thoughts?

Next month is going to be a busy one for me- my family is celebrating Christmas earlier this year because half of the family will be away in England on December 25th, so we are having it first weekend in December! I'm excited as I haven't actually been home since April (I think?), but also a little sad because Mikey wont be able to come with me. It'll be the first full weekend since moving in together that we will be apart for more than 1 night *__* FIRST WORLD PROBLEMSSSS haha! But I'm only going for 2 nights/3days. Then its my birthday on the 15th! Then on the 16th there is another Neko Nation, which this time I am not working as a neko maid so I've created a cute outfit for the night- lets hope everything gets here in time. The following night I'm having a little gathering at a restaurant to celebrate me being older, I only want a little thing cos I'm only turning 23. Then the week after we are having a Christmas gal meet with Diamond Hearts, and shortly after that it will be Christmas! PHEW! XD I'm not sure what I am doing for New Years yet- most likely I will spend it with Mikey because he may be going off for a month for the Army. If he leaves early January, I will fly home for a week or so until my work reopens. At least it will give me time to do my project in dad's shed! ^_^ Although I KNOW I will go stir-crazy without my man around.

Other than purchasing alot of stuff, its been quiet for me lately. Everyone is still very busy- including myself- so I dont get to see my girls as much anymore (sad face) and all the lolita meets that have been organized I haven't been able to attend! The next one will be on the weekend that my family is celebrating Christmas, fuuuuu.

Also, I've been selling some of my lolita! Mostly because they are pieces I dont wear, and even some I've never worn! XD Mikey made a good point, saying that because I only really attend a meet every 3 months I cant keep buying a new dress every month- I will never get to wear some! Plus, I'm running out of room... and I want to spend my money on pieces that I REALLY love. I've sold some things, but I've got a bodyline coat and Angelic Pretty's Wonder Cookie jsk that I'm hoping to sell, and a cheep blouse from Anna House. I had a buyer for my bodyline Alice set, but she hasn't paid in a week and chances are she wont (sigh, flakey buyers!!) so I'm just going to lower the price and hopefully someone from my local comm with buy it. :P I shouldn't complain, really, but it is frustrating when I write SOLD on a dress and the buyer never pays!

Anyways- this post was mainly just a run-down on my life currently- as boring as it is! haha!
I will post the Tokyo Hardcore opening write-up soon, just got to collect some good photos.

Stay classy! <3