Monday, August 1, 2011

AVCon Part 2.

Hello lovelies!
So, I'm sick... which gives me plenty of time to finish the second post about my weekend at AVCon! :D

Saturday I got up ~reasonably~ early to start sticking on my latex ears. I had never done it before- which is always a great way to start a convention! haha!! But I've worked with latex and Spirit Gum before so I figured it wouldn't take too long to do- and luckily for me, it didnt! :D
Here's the end result, with makeup/ears/wig
I cosplayed as Primo from a game called Tales of Arcana- she's a fairy who came out of the Tarot card Wisdom. I wanted something REALLY simple but cute to cosplay! Kelly sewed the dress for me- I am so so thankful she helped me! XD

 Lauren and I at the convention- I love her Sweet Jam coordination! XD

 At one point I got mobed by a group of photographers. Poor Mikey just had to stand there holding my bag  ><; He was incredibly patient throughout the whole day!!

 Full outfit shot- I had to build up quite a bit of courage to wear something so tight! But I felt really pretty, so I dont care what haters are going to say ^_^
 One of my favourite photos from the day- Paula McManus took it! She took a beautiful photo of me last year at AVCon too, so it was wonderful to bump into her again! :D

 Suz, me and Bee at Suz's stall Tokyo Hardcore- she'll be opening up the storefront in a month or so! XD How exciting!!!

A nice shot of my wings ^_^ I kept taking people out with it every time I turned around. Poor Mikey got a face-full of wing more than a dozen times!! XD

That night we had planned to go out, but all of us were so exhausted!! So instead we had a quiet one all separately- which sucked alittle cos I had already gotten dressed ready for tea! haha!

 My outfit I was going to wear! haha! XD

Sunday was THE. BIG. DAY.
After soooo long preparing, Kelly sewing her little fingers off, much hand-sewing and gluing, our Super Sailor Moon cosplay was complete and ready for its debut! :D
I got up really early to do my makeup and then ran off to Kelly's house- where we all met and got ready together! It helped having people around to assist with the pinning and wig-fixing XD
My finished outfit! :D
I felt so great! The cosplay was perfect! XD
We got so many photos taken of us- and we even found a really lovely Tuxedo Mask who posed with us! It was such a busy, fun day.
 All of our group on stage <3
Nana as Saturn, Sam as Mercury, Lauren as Jupiter, me as Moon, Kelly as Mars, Bee as Venus and Adele as Pluto.
 <3 POSE <3
 hehe, funny faces! XD
 Jupiter and Moon get distracted by the wedding rings! hehe!
 Rei sighs "oh Usagi..."
Fun perspective shot ^_^
Me/Moon and Lauren/Jupiter
End of the night
By the end of the day, I was exhausted. My feet hurt too- haha! But we grabbed some dinner around 10pm and made our way home.

It was such an awesome weekend!!! So awesome, infact, that AVCon is holding a one day event in September... which I am totally going to! XD (I've already organised my cosplay for the day, heh heh)

Now, I'm going back to bed so I can recover! My head feels like its in a bucket. lol!

Peace out!