Sunday, March 13, 2011

High Tea Farewells/ Karaoke/ Camwhoring

Hello everyone! Sorry or the lack of updates, again I've been busy busy busy! :)

And I'm sure everyone has heard of the horrible earthquake and tsunami's that have effected Japan.
To everyone in Japan, and to everyone who has friends or family in Japan, I send my heart out to you all and hope that you are all safe and well.

In my last post I promised pictures of cute animals from the zoo... well, Michael and I didnt go in the end. We tried to find a park, couldnt find one, and gave up. HAHA! So we went into the hills for a fast drive, stopped at an animal park, and went there instead.... where I forgot to take ANY photos! ><; hurr durr.
Also, the last month or so I've been going to taekwondo to watch Mikey go for his 4th black belt, and in the excitement of it all I signed up! :D I've been in two lessons, and I love it! Dad is pretty stoked too, because he used to do taekwondo and I'm taking after him. haha! I will post pictures when I get my gi (which Mikey likes to call pajamas... haha...)

Well, onto the events of last weekend!
My great friend Lauren came to visit for the weekend for a farewell gathering we were having for my other lovely friend Lindzi, who is going to Japan for 6 months at the end of March. On the Friday night a group of us went out to Korean BBQ for tea, followed by visiting a dessert place! Yummeh!
Bee's tower of awesome. :D

I take the worst photos ><; Sorry Suz!

Lauren's boobs... oh, and her waffles. hehe :D

Then on Saturday I had to work all day... ><; Which would've been fine, except 15mins before closing, some douchebag decided to steal a shirt, which inevitably meant I had to stay 45mins after closing to speak to Police and give a statement. They got the shirt back, and the guy was on parole, so he will probably go to gaol. Serves him right.
When I got home I was mentally drained, so Michael came up with tea and we watched tv until Lauren and Bee arrived home with macaroons <3

Then on the Sunday we had Lindzi's farewell high tea!
Lauren and I got semi-dressed and drove to Kelly's house. It was a warm day outside- the pet hate of all lolitas! Thank goodness for air-conditioned cars!

beautiful Kelly and me <3

I wore my Fantastic Dolly again <3 its such a pretty dress!

Me, Lauren and Kelly. We all wore black! hehe!

After some appropriate camwhoring, we drove to the restaurant for High Tea! I'd never had high tea before, so I was friggin excited!
There were scones with lotsa cream and jam, a variety of sandwiches, quiches, curried pastries, mini beef burgers, fruit tarts, chocolate teardrops, meringue, macaroons and lots of tea and coffee!! 
Look at my sneaky hand going for the food. haha!
For the first time in a very very long time- I filled up on savory things! When it came to eating the sweets, I felt so sick I couldnt even look at them. haha!
It was so worth it, though. Delicious!

After high tea, a bunch of us went to Karaoke! I got changed out of lolita, but left the base of my wig on! :D

YOU GOTA DO THE COOKING BY THE BOOK!! (lazytown, anyone?)

Lauren looking lovely and sultry <3

Me in the Princess Room at karaoke...

...then presently, I got raped by Annee. But it was worth it. <3
After that, Lauren, Annee, Lindzi and I went to Sushi Train for tea. So, so good.
It was a great weekend! And I miss Lauren already!!! She got me a Bread Top (another thing which I had never tried before) chocolate pastry before she left, and it was amazing! YOU LEFT A DELICIOUS TASTE IN MY MOUTH, LAUREN!

Also, with Lauren visiting, she brought with her our Super Sailor Moon wigs! :D So I got dressed up in my (really lame and probably-should-be-thrown-away) Sailor Moon cosplay and took some photos! I will only show one though, as the wig needs some styling and I look super silly in every other photo... haha!

But having the wigs is such a awesome thing- I feel alot more like Usagi when I'm wearing them! I wonder how she handles having such long hair? It gets caught in my nails/clothes/everything! haha!

At the same time I decided to do some gyaru eye-makeup. I didnt do the rest of my face, cos I couldnt be bothered ><; (so lazy...) That, and I need some better mineral foundation. I tried on some outfits that I've been planning for a while too, and it was nice to see them all put together :D

*with hair/outfit/flash*

*without hair/outfit/flash* ugh, makes my nose look gigantic... haha! Some contouring should help that...
But I'm really satisfied with how I do my eye make now- I think it suits me and I'm comfortable with it :3
I'm wearing 3 sets of lashes too! Cheap Korean ones from a 20 pack on top,  as well as Dolly Wink on top and on the bottom :D Also, to get contacts that give me the proper doll-eye effect... I have to get the Super sized ones ><;

Well, enough camwhoring for one post! haha!

I'm going to the beach on Monday with Mikey (yay public holiday! or Pubic Horriday as Kelly and I say) for a taekwondo family day, which will be nice because I didnt go to the beach ONCE all summer! ><; And now its not even summer anymore, but at least it is still hot. 

I hope everyone is good! :)
Peace out! XOXOX