Monday, May 30, 2011

Lots of stuff!

Hello lovelies! :D
I hope everyone is well! Todays post is just alittle catchup *cough, photodump, cough* from the last few weeks ^_^
First off: Some new purchases! :D
 My friend Kairi's Aunty was in China recently, and she got me a bulk of DollyWink lashes! ^_^ They were extremely cheep- considering in my city there is only one place that sells them, and charges AU$30 for one pair!! *faints*
 I stumbled across the Tsubasa OVA's! I had to get them! ^_^ And then this other dvd was cheep too, plus was advertised as having awesome fight scenes <3
 My order from Mbok arrived! :D In it was 4 wigs, a pair of Angelic Pretty socks,
 and this Angelic Pretty cardigan! :D
 I was browsing through my saved sites and found Makiko ( this awesome online shop! I saw that they were selling this hat from Tokyo Disney... so I got it... LOL! When I finally get to Tokyo, I'll be getting more, though! XD 
And finally, I did a little order from Pinky Paradise! 3 packets of Diamond Lash- no.1 Glamorous eye, no.3 Angel eye and no.5 Princess Eye; a Melliesh blush in Doll Pink, and two new pairs of contacts: Diamond Grey and GEO Supersize Angel Green. ^_^
Recently did a group order with two friends for some things off Taobao too... hehe.
And now I have no money. LOL!
I thought I would include some outfit shots from my 'everyday' wear! I'm normally a dress kinda person, but its been getting colder so I've been layering more with tights ><

And that appears to be all the outfit photos I have been bothered to take... hrm... LOL!

What have I been up to? I'm trying to remember... lol!!
Well, a few Saturdays ago Mikey, and his friend Jeremy, and myself went on a big hike! :D It took us about 1.5 hours because we power-walked the whole way- OH MY CALVES! haha! But the view was beautiful!
 Mikey being all manly on the cliff after conquering the hardest bit of the hike <3
 Jeremy had marched on ahead, so Mikey and I climbed up to a cave! I got mud on my ass. ><;
The view from the other side of the ridge! :D

Then the Saturday afterwards there was a small cosplay/lolita/ photoshoot gathering at the Japanese gardens! Beforehand our galcir Diamond Hearts had a little lunch at Sushi Train (our traditional hangout! haha!) and then me and Nana went off to the gathering.
I decided to dress Kogal, as I didnt have a cosplay and it was raining so NO WAY was I wearing lolita! haha! Plus, being kogal blended in well with the cosplayers.
 Funny shot of me sitting in the autumn leaves. I think I was upset cos I had leaves caught in my bum!! LOL!
 I really like this shot ^_^
 Helping Nana with the fake tattoo- she was dressed like a sexy geisha ;) She looked stunning!!
 ....Until I photobombed her photoshoot... HEH HEH
Pretty sure this was at the end of the day when we were all going our separate ways ^^
 And finally, an outfit shot with Nana! :D
I was wearing my new wig! (well, one of!) Cos I'd had a terrible morning filled with bad luck, and in the end I had no time to curl my extensions or do my hair >__< But, I love the wig! :D
The other day I went out to Mikey's mates house, and decided to do a more causal gal make!

I'm wearing my new Diamond Lash top and bottom lashes, with my new green contacts (sorry the colour isnt very clear) and the Tokyo Disney cap! ^_^ You can probably just see it too, but the necklace I am wearing is our Diamond Hearts galcir gift that we all have! :D
And while we were out... I made Mikey wear my hat!! >___< He looked soooo cute!! He's put on a grumpy face for the photo, though, to maintain his masculinity! X3 I put these photos together to show "the difference between men and women" HAHA!

In news: I've offically moved in with Mikey ^_^ It was exciting and scary at the same time, but he is such a wonderful person and so so so easy to live with! I love him very much, and I feel so lucky to have found him in this crazy world: he is my knight <3
Its also his birthday today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! XD He had to work, however, and he doesnt like making a big deal out of his birthdays. Maybe thats cos he's getting old? haha! I'm getting him a little cake anyway, so when he gets home from work he can blow out some candles ^^

Thats all for the moment my little bunnies! :D I will write again soon!
Take care!

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