Thursday, April 28, 2011

**Easter Break**

Good evening lovelies! :D
Long time no write, eh? I went home for Easter with Michael- it was a lovely little vacation :) Mikey was thrown into the action, however: he met my ENTIRE family in one hit! haha!
Here is a little diary of our weekend away...
So on the Friday I forced my man out of bed at 5am to be on the road by 5.30- cos I'm nice like that ;) Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side- it was raining and cold! And other holiday makers had decided to leave early too, so the road wasnt as deserted as I had hoped!
 View from my seat...

 Mikey doing a good job of keeping awake! haha!

When we got to my home town around 1.30, and Mum and Dad were waiting for us! We had tea with them, my Sister and her boyfriend and then Mikey and I hit the sack because we were so worn out from the drive! haha!

The next day we did the family thing- saw my Aunty, Uncle and cousins at their shack, and visited Grandpa (who is never short for conversation! hehe!). Then on Sunday Mikey and I went to the local animal farm to play with some CUTE ANIMALSSSSS!!!!!! <3 <3 :D

 Me and a cute bunny! :D

 Mikey being a big softy with the baby guinea pigs <3
 the kangaroos werent that hungry... as everyone had been feeding them!! LOL!

 <3 <3 <3
 PIGLETS!!! We guessed they were a week or so old- HOW CUTE!!

 Feeding the parrots!

what can I say? Birds love Mikey! haha!

Then on our final full day we went to one of the beaches I grew up on (well, went to very often when I was a child thanks to Daddy chasing the swell!) The whole family came, as it was perfect weather and we decided it was time to release my Grandmothers ashes :)

 Taking sneaky car shots... heh heh

 Mum and Dad and Honey-Belle :D
 It was surprisingly busy... well, there were 8 other people there, and 4 other surfers. haha!


All in all it was a wonderful weekend... ^_^
Now I'm just getting ready for tomorrow night- we've got a Diamond Hearts meetup! Yay so excited! :D

I will leave you with a cute photo of Honey-Belle to go NAWWW over! :D
Peace out! :D

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