Friday, April 8, 2011

Government House Gathering of Frills & extra Stuffs

Heya lovelies! :D
Sorry for the super lack of updates ><; I've been extremely busy lately, but not busy in a good "YAY I HAVE AN EXCITING LIFE" way, just busy >_<
But tonight, I am sick, so I have time to sit down and share some things with you all :3 I apologize for the droning on and bad writing- my head is not all there thanks to this cold!

On Sunday a bunch of the local lolita's got together to visit the Government House- as they only open it up once a year. We met out the front of the big gates then wandered inside, found a nice sunny spot on the lawns, and set up our picnic :3
Om nom nom
I wore my Miracle Candy 3tiered jsk for the first time non-casually! hehe!
Love the frills <3
The Government House was beautiful inside! I took a few photos as we wandered through- there were little things like golden-trimmed mirrors and photo frames, but the chandeliers and lounges made me "le-sighh" in wanting! haha!
 A portrait of a Queen... not sure which one... But I just loved all her jewels! :D
 Taking sneaky mirror-shots of myself in the Dining Hall
One of the lounge rooms- how beautiful is it?!!
I dont know why we are acting shocked here... hehe!!
Another sneaky inside shot of some of us ^_^

Then, after having to explain multiple times to many many people that we WERE NOT performers or actors come to entertain them, we made our way back outside and found ourselves face to face with some beautiful Victorian ladies! :D :D
They were all so lovely! One lady exclaimed "Its 17th Century meets 21st Century!"
So we snagged some photos with them ^_^
(lol, totally chose the most herpa derp photo to share ><;)

Onto some other random things...
As most Lolita's are now fully aware of, Angelic Pretty (bless their cotton socks) re-released their most popular print by far: Sugary Carnival. They just so happened to re-release it without warning, and I happened to not be online for THE WHOLE DAY *facepalm* And it sold out in under 10 minutes worldwide. So picture my face when I popped online again that evening. It was something like this:

Followed shortly by:

BUT, hope is never gone! After some determined scouring of Japanese auctions sites, I found the dress I have been drooling over for a long time! :D
I feel extremely satisfied.
To be honest, I used to own Sugary Carnival skirt in Black & headbow... but that colourway just wasn't me. (I mean, come on, as an OTT sweet lolita, I NEED pastels to survive!!) So I sold it early last year. But the sax jsk has been a dream of mine to own! Its good to know I finally have it :3

I've also been meaning to post a photo of Mikey and I in our Gi's from taekwondo... however, I have not received mine yet ><;  I've been waiting ever so patiently, and when they did bring me mine: they got a size too big. SIGH. So now I am waiting again for them to give me the correct size. ONE DAY!! hehe!

Has everyone got any exciting plans for Easter? I am going HOME! :D Just for four days. But Mikey is coming with me! <3 So he gets to meet my whole family- which might be a bit overwhelming for him, hehe. Not that we will do much- probably just go surfing and chill the whole weekend; Mikey needs a holiday after working 40hours a week ><;

Well my lovelies, time to go as I am beginning to drone on! haha! That, and my head is pounding because of my blocked sinus. ><;

I will post again soon, promise!
Stay classy, Planet Earth!!

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  1. aaaaaaw,girls are so cute ^^
    and the Government House is beautiful *O*