Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hiya lovelies!
So, the countdown begins! 62 days until I leave for Japan! GAH THE WAIT IS KILLING ME!

However, I have a problem!
Since January, I have cut back on buying new things. Its actually been really hard! Anything I have purchased has been on sale or the only purchase for a long time XD I've avoided searching sites/magazines to restrain the temptation, but I still sneak a peek! But strangely enough, its effected the way I feel about my current wardrobe. *__* Suddenly I hate everything I own!! But on top of that, I cant seem to see what is missing/what I would rather have.
To be frank: I am in a fashion slump. Probably the biggest fashion slump I have ever had!! I've tried mixing my old clothes with newer pieces, and although it is on-trend, I am still not satisfied with how I look. Only in lolita do I feel ok, but thats because coordinating in loli is super easy for me (match colours/accessories/etc). Usually western fashion comes easy to me too- gyaru I constantly have to work on- but lately neither are 'flowing' in my wardrobe!

What do you suggest to come out of this slump? I am TERRIFIED I'll get to Japan and not know what I want/what suits me and wont buy ANYTHING out of pure stress that I'll never wear it XD or, I'll go the other way and buy TOO much and never wear any of it! 
First world problems, eh? haha.

I think its also a body issue at the moment, too. Dont get me wrong, I am so happy to be healthy and have all my limbs! But I tend to judge myself too harshly- I hate my thighs, stomach, arms, hip-size, etc. I see so many Liz Lisa clothes that I LOVE and want to wear, but in the back of my mind I go "it'll be too short so it'll show off my thighs and I'll have to wear shorts underneath," or "my boobs/hips are too big so it'll distort the dress/top and wont look as nice." ><; Its rather self-esteem diminishing. So when I look at pictures of shop staff/stores in 109 I immediately assume I would look bad in what they are wearing. IT'S SO WEIRD THAT I'VE JUST STARTED WORRYING ABOUT THIS. Maybe I'm just paranoid about being a fat-unfashionable gaijin. ><;

SOOOO I'm in a fashion slump- I need a way out quick!! Or at least before I fly off to Japan! ANY IDEAS?!


On a completely unrelated note, I have started another blog for Contact Lens reviews! I've been sponsored by Adelaide Little Lens Shop to be one of their models! :D I'll try to keep it regularly updated, at least once a week, with lens and other makeup reviews!

I'll also put it on the side bar here ^_^ I'm in no way a make-up expert, but I will give my best honest opinion on products that I review! ^_^



  1. Ahh, I get that too! I try not to buy things, but my wardrobe feels so empty when I don't have new purchases :c
    I have no ideas when it comes to getting out of the fashion slump ;-;

    But have fun in Japan! I'm jealous! xD

  2. @Boonana
    I wonder if every girl feels this way?! haha! Its so tough >< I hope to feel better about my wardrobe soon!! Its nice to know that its not just me, though! ^_^ <3 <3