Thursday, March 8, 2012

Princess Mimi Lens Review- Apple Green and Sesame Grey

Hello everyone! This is my first review! :D

Lets start off with the very basic (but obvious) disclaimer:  you only have one set of eyes, so please take care when using lenses! Make sure they are clean and not expired, and only wash them with proper lens solution. I recommend buying lens-friendly eye drops to keep your eyes moist if you are wearing lenses for a long period of time. And if you are ever in doubt, ask your Optometrist!

OK, on to the review!!
(At this point I would like to apologise for the horrible lighting... my camera isn't the best and I was working with fading light! I hope you can still get a good idea of these lenses though. ^_^)

*Princess Mimi in Apple Green*
 Oh Tsubasa, I could never hope to be as beautiful as you! XD

 I really like the colour of these lenses! On my grey eyes they really stand out- however they would be best for cosplays and such as they don't look as natural and its pretty obvious I'm wearing them! ^_^

 Full face with out make up. (blurry...)
I'm a big fan of the black ring around the outer edge- it really makes them pop!

 With make up. Being a ninny. XD
With make up. I tried a green eye-make style but unfortunately the flash washes it out!


Comfort: 8/10
Size: 9/10
Colour: 7/10
These lenses are pretty popular in Japan at the moment, and I can see why! I myself am a big fan of them! I have worn them for a good 6-7 hours without my eyes drying out (and my eyes are great at drying out! haha!) even in hot weather. I can put them in and totally forget about them. Their size is perfect for my eyes- they look natural but still give the dolly effect; if they were any smaller I'd personally never wear them! The only downside is the colour, as its just too bright in grey eyes to look natural.

*Princess Mimi in Sesame Grey*
I wish they were as silver as this photograph! Darn photoshop! XD

 Sesame Grey= so perfect in my eyes!!

Without make up- looking confused? ><; 

 I went for extreme gyaru make this time!
 In my kitchen. Like a boss.

Sesame Grey, I salute you!!


Comfort: 8/10
Size: 9/10
Colour: 10/10
Without doubt- these are my favourite lenses at the moment! Comfort is great, size is perfect and COLOUR IS PERFECT! I cannot believe how well it moulds with grey eyes! XD I've actually had trouble in the past finding grey lenses that blended well but still gave a beautiful effect. Well, not any more! XD I've worn these A LOT, through long days and nights! I really recommend them!


If you are interested in getting a pair, jump onto:

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Thank you so much for reading!


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