Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Inspiration!

Although it is autumn down here in Australia, we are lucky enough to have pretty mild weather similar to the Northern hemispheres spring! Even though the days get a little shorter and the trees start losing their leaves, its still warm enough to indulge in the awesome fashions released overseas ^_^
Because of my latest slump, I figured sharing some inspirational pictures might help!
(PS, I'm at work so I cant post as many as I would like! lol!)
Japan, fashion, gyaru, lolita... anything that makes me happy and makes me think of spring! ^_^ I hope you enjoy! <3

And finally, a sneak peek at Angelic Pretty's new (?) print! :D
Pinstripes, very cute!! ^_^



  1. i don't know much about gyaru fashion, but i personally love lace and florals. forever and ever! i hope you find amazing trends and your own knack for style when you're in japan. :)

  2. I hope that looking at inspirational pictures help you out of your fashion slump <3 I'm sure that in the time leading up to your Japan trip you'll find your muse again, if not I'm sure the shopping in Japan will help you - you'll know what you want to buy when you see it! It's hard looking for things on the internet all the time, don't you think? Might be easier to see it in person c: