Friday, March 23, 2012

Rainy Day at Work...

Hi lovely readers!
I dont exactly have a great update for you all... I mean, nothing in particular has happened lately! ^_^
Although, I DID GET A NEW CAR! ^__^
The most expensive purchase of my life, but gosh it was worth it!
I've named her Chu ^_^ I'm looking for some cute interiors to fill her up with, but it wont happen until after Japan anyways. Still, I love her so much!

Other than Chu, I've purchased some basic things like makeup and haircare products, as lately with being stressed I realized how much of an effect it has on my appearance. Plus, I wanted to be prepared with beauty supplies for when I go to Japan. I struggle getting anything skin-tone related from Korea or Japan, so I'm stocking up now before I go!
I've also started using face masks twice a week. I hope it will improve my skin, and prevent wrinkles! I dont have particularly bad skin, in fact I'm pretty lucky in only getting tiny pimples when I get hormonal, but prevention is better than a cure especially when it comes to premature aging!
I also grabbed Diamond Lash's nose contour makeup and Candy Doll's lipstick. I realize I could get them in Japan for WAY cheaper, but I needed them now ><; The nose contour is really darn handy- I love finally being able to have a highlighter XD It comes in two shades so I stood staring in the mirror of the shop trying to decide which shade would suit me; luckily a shop assistant spotted me and helped me out! XD I'm still trying to get used to contouring my nose- I discovered I have a funny bump on the side of my nose which looks kinda obvious when I contour, so I need to learn a technique to hide it ><;;
I did a bit of searching and found some hair products that will hopefully strengthen and protect my hair. I plan on getting hair extensions in Tokyo on the day we arrive (yay for long mermaid hair!) so I want my actual hair to be in the best condition! I got GHD's Curl Hold Spray, which will be wonderful for when I have extensions, as it not only has heat protection, hairspray and curl enhancers in it, you spray it on dry hair! YAY! ...I hate blow drying my hair, so letting it dry naturally and being able to still style it to its full potential is awesome! The BedHead 'Superstar Volumising Conditioner' is awesome too because it can be used on dry hair to condition, protect AND add volume, PLUS IT SMELLS LIKE RASPBERRIES! I've been sniffing my hair all day today while at work... haha.

according to the lady in the hair shop, I should stop using Moroccan oil (Argon Oil) *__* It was praised for ages as an awesome product, but apparently it has begun to have a negative effect on peoples hair! In fact, I've noticed my hair seems to be getting drier and drier. She told me to have a break from it, and that my hair would improve within a month. How crazy, huh? Too much of a good thing I suppose! XD

Tonight is Neko Nation again, the anime/gaming/geeky themed night club event! I'm super excited! I've got my outfit all organised and I hope it looks good! I'm meeting the girls at Tokyo Hardcore to get ready after work, I always get such a nervous anticipation before it starts! ^_^ However, I didn't bring a camera... well, I dont have a good camera to use (I purchased one from my sister- which was crap- and my old one is dying!) so I hope that someone I know brings one so I can camera whore! BWHAHA!

Oh also, if you haven't already, please have a look at my Lens Review blog!
I've uploaded two new reviews and did some makeup to show them off! XD

Catch you all soon! <3

And here's a picture of me as a Pocky Walrus to end this entry on an awkward note:



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  1. Congrats on buying your new car!! It looks like a Yaris, the same type my sister has - except hers is red! There are lots of little pocket/compartments in there which you can tuck cute plushies and that in ^^
    Pocky walrus!!! <3