Friday, February 10, 2012

A Rainbow of Days

Hi lovely readers!
I kinda lost the effort to blog. I need to get into the habit again!
I hope everyone had an awesome New Years! Mikey and I spent it making a pillow fort in our longeroom and watching Captain America while drinking ginger beer out of silver goblets XD cos we are classy. haha.
Lots have happened in the long hiatus since I last wrote.
I'm going to Japan...

Yep, off to Nihon in May for 15 days!! I've written a massive itinerary to make sure I dont miss out on anything I've always wanted to do!
Mainly staying in Tokyo, but will be in Kyoto for 4 nights- staying in an old tea house in Gion! ^_^
So yeah, I've been trying to be a good girl with my money. Its totally hard. haha! Me not buying something is like going without water for a week- damaging to your health/likey to cause death. haha!

But, besides my shopping withdrawl, the last few months have been ripe with great events!

I went home for an early christmas, here's a montage:
And another montage of stuff I purchased before Christmas after it finally arrived!:
And a Furisode I purchased! Isn't it divine? I'm in love with it!! XD

Then for my birthday the girls and I went out for dinner and then to a dessert place! ^_^ I wore my new Decoration Dream. I havnt got any good photos of it yet- my friend took heaps of us riding on a carosel in the mall but I'm yet to steal them from her! haha!
Neko Nation again. I didn't work as a catgirl this time, so instead I decided to be a deer! XD
It was a really fun night, but I'm such a granny, I think I was at home in bed by 2.30! LOL!

Then Christmas happened, I spent it with Mikey's family. I got holidays for 2 weeks from work, so decied to put pink in my hair again! I missed having pink hair- I used to have a pink fringe a year or so ago ><
Finally it was 2012!
I did some painting during my holidays, and tried my best to keep busy! I wrote out a list of things for me to do so I wouldn't just sit around at home alone. haha
Nan's and I had a little gyaru day, we went out and shopped and got lunch. And I was totally awesome and dropped beef nacho down my new dress. Fuuuu.

Nan's and I being creepy things from the abyss. haha
Then once I went back to work all the lolita meets started! It was wonderful!
One was at the ice rink,
 Me and Christine!
One was out to the moonlight theatre (which is held in the park at night! Very beautiful- I saw bats flying around the screen in the dark!)
Shoes- Secret Shop
Everything else: Angelic Pretty

One was in the park,

And the latest one was a movie night watching Kamikaze Girls! ^_^

But Mikey and I got up to stuff too, visiting the museum, the beach, markets, etc.

And finally, I got some Princess Mimi lenses in Grey and Apple Green.
OH, AND I GOT MY FRINGE CUT AGAIN! I totally missed my fringe, I grew it out last year but I got sick of the boring look. :P

SO, now we have caught up on the last few months! haha! Unfortunately I dont think there will be much to report on in the future- I have to be a good girl and save cash ><
I've been sponsered by a lens store called Adelaide Little Lens: HOW EXCITING!! ^___^ So I'll be making a new blog specifically for lens review, which I will link onto here and vice versa!

I hope everyone is well and happy!!
Stay classy! <3

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