Monday, August 13, 2012

i.Fairy Kimchi Mermaid in Violet!

 Next in the adorable series, Violet! :D

 Sorry for no photos without flash ><; 

Comfort: 8/10
Size: 8/10
Colour/Design: 9/10

Another in the Mermaid series! :D Although these are the exact same lenses as the Blue version, just in Purple, I had some trouble with them in my eyes the first time I wore them... They were very noticeable as soon as I put them in, and my eyes had a bit of a freakout. I flushed my eyes with eye drops and it calmed them down- which was super strange, because the second time I wore them I had no trouble! It could've just been my eyes being sensitive (they're like a child, I swear). I've given them a higher mark in comfort than the blue pair, however, because the second time I put them in I didn't even feel them! XD So strange... Other than this, they are just as big and cute as the Blue pair! Purple is not a colour that is very bright in my eyes, but this was just enough so that I liked the subtle hint it gave them. In photos with flash they looked really cool!!

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