Monday, July 2, 2012

Japan Chronicles- Part 4

* I tried so hard to get this up last week- but I got caught at work and couldn't finish it ><;; *

The rest of our stay in Japan was slower, with less running to catch trains and things. haha.

We visited Harajuku again- met a famous jewelry designer in LaForet called Justin Davis. He just came up to mum and started talking to her! (Mum's like that- people just seem to start talking to her for no reason, haha!) He was really nice, and offered to put us on the list to an exclusive club that night- which we didn't get to go to in the end, but it was such a random/amazing meeting! haha! Other than this, it was a quiet day.

The next day we went to Yokohama to visit the Closet Child there! My friend who was in Japan over Christmas said she had the most luck there! We got lost trying to find it, however, as the Station on the map was really darn confusing and it turns out we got off on the wrong side of the river! XD luckily it wasn't a very far walk!
Amy looking adorable in the Milky Chan set she got for half price the day before! 

...however, we weren't so lucky with Closet Child XD I think I got a cardigan, a pair of socks, and two necklaces. Otherwise it was really empty!
It was only THEN that we realized: while we were in Kyoto, Closet Child had started their Summer sales so everything had been sold out! haha!
Casual Angelic Pretty outfit for a hot day!

From there we visited Machida to see their giant Dasio- it wasn't as impressive as I'd hoped, but that could've been cos I was in a bad mood from not finding any dresses I liked in Closet Child! haha!

The next day made up for it, though! XD

We went to Ikebukero with Lauren! I stopped in DonQuiote and got myself a Hello Kitty kigu- first kigu! Yew! From there we went to Closet Child, and I was extremely happy to find a lot of things I wanted! In the end I got a jsk, matching headbow, shoes, blouse- all Angelic Pretty- and then a $10 petticoat because they were having a deal on new petticoats! And may I say... it is now the best petticoat I own! SO FLUFFY!
We met a lovely lolita while we were there too! Annabel was so sweet! So we all went out to get lunch together at this REALLY YUMMY place! I forget what it is called, but you cook omelet-like dishes on the bbq on the table. Without Lauren we would've had NO idea how to do it, however! haha! The food was so darn tasty, I really wish I could have some again ><;
Amy, me, Annabel and Lauren!
YUMMY. It was so amazing!
All of us out at lunch!
Mum enjoying some more beer, haha!

After lunch Annabel had to go, so we said our goodbyes and made our way to... SUNSHINE CITY AQUARIUM! :D
 OMG OMG OMG. I was so excited seeing this sign!! XD
Lauren, Amy and I looking excited. hehe  

You cannot understand how excited I was. I love aquariums, and having only been to maybe 2(?) in my whole life, this was a real treat!
My favourite part was the giant reef-area right in the middle of the aquarium. There were stingrays swimming around and angel sharks! ^_^ I could've dived right in!

 Standing before the giant reef tank! It was so beautiful!
 ...the sea lion was doing a handstand!! so cute!!
A little bit creepy... lots and lots of jellyfish!
 Mum out the front of the sign!

At the gift shop I fell in love with a big soft toy... it was a whale shark and SHE IS ADORABLE. I've named her Sapphire. hehe.

The next day we met Lauren at Akihabara! Unfortunately, it was rainy and cold! Probably the worst day weather-wise we experienced in Japan. We didn't stay there very long- walked up and down the street, stopped at a few stores- but the rain kept most maid's off the street and we didn't want to spend lots of money in a maid cafe, so we decided to leave early!
Also, something really creepy happened the moment we met Lauren at the Akihabara station. Lauren was in BEAUTIFUL lolita and Amy was in her cool visual-kei clothes, and I was just dressed really causally because I had been lazy that morning- no nice makeup or anything. And this older Japanese man walks up to me and goes "can I please take your picture?" At first I was like, "thats ok!" And go to stand with the girls for a group photo. But he was like "no no, just you." Took the photo really quickly, and then left. WTF *_* My only reasoning would be because I was blonde. Creepy though, right?

We stopped at the Pokemon Centre and ate in a restaurant near by- MORE CURRY! Gosh I miss curry.
Finally we went back to Shibuya, Lauren had to get home early so we said our goodbyes there! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP LAUREN! <3

Then I spent $200 in the 100yen store. haha. Mainly on lashes, nails and makeup. haha!

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