Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend! :D

Wow, Ive been busy again! :D
Which is nice :3
Still working out and working and socializing- which is alot when I love my sleep so much ><;

Wednesday night I went to a Yukata night with Bonnie!
Everyone was really nice, although half of them were talking Japanese and I had no idea what they were saying. ><; I wish I could learn it!! *is uber stupid....*

After that we all went to a dessert place! YUMMEH! (so much for my healthy diet... lol!)
I got raspberry lammingtons with rose sauce and vanilla icecream... holy moley it was fantastic!! :D

Bonnie and Me out at the dessert place <3

Then on Sunday Bonnie took me and Kelly out for purikura! :D
I wore cowboy-style boots, and this bicycle rider was like "HEY A COWBOY" while we crossed the street. UGH.
We had lunch at Sushi Train (seriously, I eat there at least twice a week... its so yummeh!!) Then I got the new Popteen- which is full of kimono! :D So pretty!

Then Sunday night Kelly and I had to rush off to go workout. haha. My arms are getting muscular ><; BUFF CARRIE IS BUFF!

Yesterday (Monday) my Angelic Pretty luckypack arrived! :D HUZZAH! b-but... the salopette is too big!!! >< Which is uber annoying!! It looked so normal size on other girls my shape?! So Kelly is going to take a look at it and see if she can take it in :3 THANKS MAGICAL KELLY!! :D

Thats all I can think of right now ><;
Australia day is tomorrow- so I get a day off work. Haven't organised anything yet, although I've been asked to be in the parade in yukata- which would be fun, but its going to be hot! ><;

Have a lovely day everyone! :)

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