Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Year In Review

Hello everyone!
Wow, this year has gone fast. In two days it will be New Years Eve! *le-gasp!*
So I thought it would be nice to do a little photo meme for the year gone by...


nicole and I practicing our pout on NYE... haha
When it comes around, its always nice to look back on last new years eve, and the things I decided to change for the following year.


Annee and I are such ladiessss- chilling in the mall after the meet
Lolita times! First lolita meet of the year- in the Garden of Unearthly Delights. Always a great atmosphere.


because statues are way more fun to pose with
Going interstate to a convention with my great friend, Annee! Ah, what adventures we had! :D

somehow, my hair stayed really nice! :o
More lolita meets- this time a picnic on a hot autumn day.


Half of my friends turned 21 this year and although in Australia we are legal for drinking/clubs at 18- we still celebrate  it as a big milestone!

I start to whore this wig out from here on... HAHA
International Lolita day down at the beach- luckily it wasn't a cold start to winter.

professional shot by Paula- I didn't realize how short Milky Planet was until I saw this! haha!
Ah, AVCon. A great weekend to dress in lolita, be surrounded by geeky people, and take photos of my favourite characters. <3


Daddy and I out to lunch <3
A quieter month (after spending all my money at AVCon) I visited my family for a week or so and reminded myself (again) how much I miss them now that I live so far away ><;


my hair died shortly afterwards >___<
Moon Lantern Festival- the opening of the Aus-Asia Festival held here. Great excuse to do some gal makeup! :D  It was also my first time in yukata, and I loved it!

ah, Angelic Pretty clone to the core (and I love it)
Another lolita meetup in the Botanic Gardens- this is where I met Lauren for the first time in real life (lol, that sounds so funny)


my workmate, Renee, and I at our Christmas party
Christmas parties start early- I had a few here and there. But my work party was great! Live rock-a-billy band! :D


and a picture of Me gawking over my awesome My Little Pony themed birthday cake! :D

And we come to the end of the year- of course the last lolita meet of 2010. Followed by my birthday, Christmas, and now- Here! :3

Hope everyone had a fantastic year- just like I did! Although there were ups and downs, heart breaks and letdowns, there is always amazing, happy, and beautiful times which make everything worth while!

See you all in the New Year!
 XOX Carrie XOX


  1. Continuously cute throughout the year! Hooray for October, I'm so glad I went to that loli-meet, now I don't want to stay away :D Prepare the floor, I'm going to hitch-hike my way there for the weekend! :P

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    angii heere XD
    cuute blog <3 so sweet~~
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