Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good evening everyone! <3

This is my first (and most likely only) blog! I hope that I can fill it with interesting things. I dont plan on making this a hugely public blog- although I will be writing articles on fashions that I love and other things :3

Well, introductions! 
My name is Carrie, I just recently turned 22, and I love Japanese fashion, drawing, and having fun! Having fun is such a general quote, however, but it includes many things which I'm sure if you continue reading my posts you will soon see! lol.
I'm also a bit of a camera whore, so there will be stupid pics of me posted here at any time. haha. Mainly of coordinates varying from lolita to gyaru to just dressup! :)

Hope to be writing again soon! Ive had a busy few weeks, so lots to report on!

Enjoy and stay classy, planet earth!


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