Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Shopping OF DOOM

Heya everyone!
Today was busy for me- I had to go Chrissy shopping in the city, which was so packed with people I had to line up to get a park! Got most of it done, which is a relief, except for Dad's present because what he wanted wasn't available and he didn't answer his phone to tell me what to get instead ><;
I'm TERRIBLE at getting presents, so I always have to ask everyone in my family what they want. haha.
So I will have to go in again tomorrow- which I don't mind, because I realized I need to buy a dress for Christmas Eve dinner :D

Finally, after so bloody long, the animal print trend has hit Australia. I'm seeing leopard prints everywhere! Which is great, because I totally LOVE leopard print with gal! Saves me money on postage, thats for sure.


Last night I redyed my hair using Silver Toner- because last time I didn't have enough to get the darker blonde bits beneath.... and I accidentally turned my hair silver! ><;
Its not too bad, right?! ><
I don't mind, however, as it will wash out in a few washes! I was trying to get my hair the same colour as my extensions, but it didn't work! (clearly... lol!)

I will post soon about the last Lolita meet we had here! It was fantastic! And the biggest meet we've had yet!


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