Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lolita Meet December 2010 :)

Good evening! :D
So, here is my post on our last Lolita meet up!

My friend Lauren came down all the way from BrokenHill to attend! She stayed with me, in my crappy little spare room (which is full of shoes, books, and bags of unwanted clothes) and I had so much fun! :D Its great having somebody stay with me when I've been living alone for a year now- sometimes I miss human contact ><;

So Saturday afternoon we went into the city and got Sushi Train at ChinaTown for late lunch/early tea. I had to buy a present for the loli meet, as we did a Secret Santa (we all picked numbers out of a hat and gave the present to the person with the number higher than ours). Thankgod I found something cute AND useful! It was a little obento box shaped like a strawberry, with a spoon included <3

Sunday morning, my best friend Kelly came over my place and we all got ready together! :D

I wore my Angelic Pretty: Ribbon Decoration OP, it was my first hime outfit! :3 I'm normally OTT sweet, so it was hard trying to be elegant... >_>
Lauren (on the left) is wearing the Mario Kingdom JSK designed and made by Kelly (right)! Kelly is wearing my Wonder Cookie halter jsk/socks :)

We met up with everyone in the mall- there were about 16-17 of us altogether! :D THATS A NEW RECORD! haha!
(I wont be posting pictures of anyone else on here, as I don't have their permission to distribute their photos online)
Then we headed down to a Japanese noodle restaurant. Those poor girls working there- 17 lolitas come walking through their door, with two or three photographers in tow, and we all wanted to be seated together! lol!
I got some udon noodles. *drools loudly like Homer Simpson* Mannn, looking at the photo just makes me want to eat it again!
YUMM- even if its been half eaten by me already... haha!

Lauren's melted Green Tea icecream... it looked like some crazy cocktail!

After lunch, we walked down to the Botanic Gardens to do the Secret Santa gift-giving, then proceeded to have A BAJILLION photos taken by a group of photographers who were at the park at the time!
~~prepare for lotsa photos~~

nails made by Lauren! :D She is so talented!

And then somehow... we always like to play with the idea of 'Ninja Lolis'... So go fourth and view our ninja lolitas montage! :D

So, after beating each other up for an hour or so, while photographers snapped happily away at us, we wandered back into the mall to get some purikura! :D
Around 5, everyone went their separate ways. Lauren, me and a few of our other loli friends went to a tea place and got some tea to wait for another of our friends to join us at 7. Then we went out to tea (I got noodles, AGAIN! haha) and karaoke'd till about 12! :)
It was really a great day!! I met so many new people- and there were so many new lolitas at the meet!

Lauren stayed for a few more days, and she was my sugar daddy- paying for all my meals and flashing her cash. (LOL) She called me her Geisha- because I just followed her around and kept her entertained. We went shopping, out to tea, more purikura. It was fantastic! :D

So that was my lolita weekend! :3 I hope next years meets will be just as big and fun!
Peace out mah lovelies! :3

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