Wednesday, July 27, 2011

AVCon Part 1.

Hey lovelies!
WOW, what a weekend!
So my hiatus has hopefully come to an end- as now I have more time to update thanks to the end of this weekend! After all the preparations, our cities anime and videogaming convention finally arrived. I managed to wear gal, lolita AND cosplay- so I felt rather satisfied Sunday night when I finally went to bed! XD

I'm trying to keep it short and sweet! hehe!

So, my weekend technically began Thursday night. We went out for tea gal-style to celebrate the lovely Suzanna's birthday! :D We ate at an all-you-can-eat Japanese resturant. OH GAWD it was yummy!! Pretty sure I'm addicted to Takoyaki.

My make for the night- its not very clear here, but I'm wearing my grey Diamond lenses! :D

Lauren and I couldnt keep a straight face most of the night. You can see Lauren's awesome deco nails here- she makes her own! Her brand is called Sparkle Peach (look it up on Facebook! :D)


 Nana is luring me in with her feminine wiles.

 Kelly posing- SO CUTE AND FUNNY!! XD

 Suzanna cutting her yummy chocolate moose cake (lol moose) Craig is wearing an Angelic Pretty jumper of hers! And Nana is pulling a sexy face ;)

 nom nom nom- Suz loved her cake!! <3

 My outfit for the night- I got the replica Liz Lisa overknee boots! XD
Dress is a Liz Lisa replica
Skirt (which I wore underneath for safety!) is Liz Lisa
Cardigan and bag is ValleyGirl

Suz and me! <3
On Friday Mikey and I spent the day chillin- knowing full well how busy our weekend was going to be! Then that afternoon we caught up with everyone in the city to go to AVCon's opening night and out for karaoke. I wore Milky Planet again as it had been sitting in my closet safely for nearly a year without wear!! XD

Kelly and I at AVCon picking up our passes

 Angelic Pretty lovers! XD Bee wore Sugary Carnival- I should've worn mine! ><;

 Mikey and I- lol, he looks so serious! <3

I love Angelic Pretty so so so much ^__^
OP, headbow, socks, cardigan, bag, wristcuffs: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: SS
Hair accessories: chocomint

 <3 this shot is so cute!! Lauren was coordinated awesomely!!

 <3 <3 <3

Bee and Freya choosing their next song at Karaoke!

And that's all for the first part of my weekend! XD Saturday and Sunday I cosplayed at the convention, and it was heaps of fun!
I will upload part 2 as soon as I get time! ^_^

Hope everyone is well!
Stay classy!

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  1. You must teach me in the ways of not looking like a derpy-face in every picture! lol But you guys! ;^; I love you forever -I am not worthy- I had so much fun that weekend! c: You looked awesome amazziinngggg Carrie! x