Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Outfit and New Gets!

Small update!
Its my birthday this Saturday, so in preparation (eh hem... a few months beforehand preparation...) I got some new things which arrived yesterday!
(Sorry for the quality of the photo)
Got some mermaidy things! Both from etsy! The cardigan is black and oversized, with a Sagittarius mermaid printed on the back. I'm a Sagittarius so I was pretty excited when I spotted this online! hehe! And a high-waisted pink scale skirt; its really stretchy and comfortable!

(Again, shit quality. Stupid phone. I need an Iphone 5!!)
I also got this awesome mermaid body-suit in the mail! Its Australian made and awesome- you cant see too well, but on some of the scales there are pink diamonds <3
Also invested in some new shorts- the weather is heating up! It was 37 Degrees Celsius today! One white/floral one and a dip-dyed yellow, blue and pink pair. They are so comfortable- and as I've lost a little bit of weight my legs are looking better in them! haha!

Because my friends are awesome, they found a seller on the Aus Lolita page selling one of my dream dresses! Innocent Worlds 'Tiered Jsk with Pearls' in the short version. I tried it on at a friends house a while ago, and although she was selling it I couldn't afford it at the time so I missed out! But one of my best friends rang me at work going "OMG ONES POSTED ONLINE" so I literally got it within a few minutes of the sales post going up! haha! Its such a beautiful dress- it might look plain, but the material is soft and heavy, and it sits beautifully on me! <3 

I also got this skirt by Lady Sloth from a friend. Silk Cherubin!

And finally, a random lolita outfit from Sunday.
I went to a farewell for one of our local lolitas, Jaana <3 Unfortunately she is moving away. She is such a nice and pretty person, we will all miss her in the community.
 Everything is Angelic Pretty, except for the shoes which are Secret Shop.
And a makeup shot. My phone takes really grainy pictures. lol.

Thank you for reading! <3


  1. Aw Carrie, you're so sweet :3 I'm going to miss you! I hope I'll be able to come up to the city for lolita meets every now and again :)
    I hope you have a fantastic birthday and good summer holiday splashing about at the beach with your family! :D

  2. It's so cool how you're experimenting with the mermaid crowd! You pull off any style so elegantly~