Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cupcakes, Swimming and Parties!

Hiya lovelies!

Been busy and not so busy- so finally updating! :D

A few weekends ago I went to SupaNova! I cosplayed as Asuna from Sword Art Online. It was lots of fun! I didn't make the sword, however, because I got lazy. lol. I kinda regret it, because it would've been easier to do poses with a sword XD

Lots of people went to see some of the Harry Potter stars and other famous people, I just went to lurk. haha! Although I did sit in a panel for Tom Hopper, the actor who play Sir Percival in Merlin (which is a show I rather like!). And although I didn't know much about him (or ANY of the other actors there, to be honest) it was interesting to see him in real life.

I made a new tail for myself too! I received a bigger monofin so I used the last of my black shiny material to make it, but this time added some extra pectoral, dorsal and ankle fins to give it a nicer look in the water! :D The bigger monofin is so much fun to swim in- although my feet are a TINY bit too small so I need to invest in some neoprene booties to stop the straps rubbing.

I got to wear my new fin, and new shell-bra, starfish headband and shell belt to a Mermaid-Meet-and-Greet we held at the Aquatic Centre! I wasn't exactly 100% healthy that day... but I went anyway because I didn't want to let my Pod down and all the kids who were going to meet us! Unfortunately not many older people showed up, but that meant we got to play with the kids more (which is really what its all about!) I got a few interested parents in doing birthday parties, so it was a great day all in all!

(selfie from the day... haha!)

Still wasn't feeling well on the Sunday either, so although there was an awesome Lolita Chocolate meet, I had to miss out. :( Luckily, my girls decided to stay with me for the day and kept me company, which was so sweet and so much fun! :D

Finally, this weekend was a busy one!
On Saturday it was International Lolita Day (Summer edition for us Southern Hemisphere lolitas!) so we had a BIGGG picnic/get-together in the botanics! It was aimed at new lolitas: as we have quite a few girls on our Facebook page but not many of them attend meets for one reason or another, so we thought making it 'newbie' friendly perhaps they would have the courage to come meet us! :D
There ended up being SO many of us! It was great! The weather was a bit bipolar though *_* At first it was cold, then it suddenly POURED down with rain, then it cleared and was humid, and finally all the clouds left and it was a warm sunny day again! lol! At least for the most part it was sunny!

I wore my Milky Planet Jsk Again!
Wig- Taobao

My birthday is also in 10 days *___*

My birthday is also in 10 days *___*

My birthday is also in 10 days *___*
Shoes: Secret Shop
Everything else: Angelic Pretty
Group Shot! :D

That evening Kelly and I made 'Mushroom Cupcakes' in preparation for the next day, which was...

Christine's and mine joint 'Mario Kart Tournament' birthday party! :D

It was SUCH an awesome day! All of our friends were there and we all had a great time! ^_^ I ate so much sugar... I'm still feeling the effects today. lol!
I came 7th overall from the Tournament, haha! But I'm TERRIBLE at video games- I spend more time swearing loudly at the screen then winning. Everyone was shocked at my sailors mouth XD (at least now they know why I dont play games! haha!)

 Christine was Mario and I was Louigi! hehe!
I wore Chess Chocolate casually, it was too hot for blouses or socks XD


I received a packaged from Taobao, with some wigs... and a giant Alpaca in it! XD
 I also got an Ariel wig! XD

Also, my favourite milk drink finally came into stores again!! XD I thought they'd stopped making them, as I hadn't found any in AGES, but it looks like they are back again! Perhaps they are seasonal? *shrugs*

I also dyed my hair with pink and blue streaks! :D Its faded out now, but it was rather pretty at the time. hehe!

ALSO, I made another mash-up of footage in my new tail! :D

OK, thats all I can think of for the moment. haha!
I've got some things coming in the mailllll <3 But when they arrive I'll take photos and do a big shopping spam post! :D

Thanks for reading!


(Also sorry about the stupid white lines all over this post... I cant get them to go away ><;;)

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