Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hi lovelies!

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Anyways, today I finally picked up my Passport! There was a huge stress regarding it- I never received any information to its delievery time or whereabouts, so when I finally rang the passport office they told me it had been sent out almost 3 weeks ago. *___* I rang the post office, and they couldn't find it. Cue me freaking the f**k out. haha! After what felt like hours ringing back and forth between Australia Post and the Passport office, they finally found it ><;;; If it HAD been lost or stolen, I would have had to pay for a new passport ($233) plus an extra $150 to get it expressed to me before next Wednesday! D: So, thank goodness!!

Yep, I cant believe it either. Next Wednesday is the day! Exactly 7 days from today! *_* I am super excited and nervous! There is only one thing I am stressing about now: and that's being away from Mikey ><; (lol, I'm so lame!) The longest we have spent apart was probably back in December last year, and I think it was only for 4 days! XD So 16 days/nights is going to suck... plus, I wont be able to talk to him. He doesn't use Facebook and hardly ever checks his email! haha! International roaming on phones is a BITCH, so even if I txt him it will cost me alot. ><; I think I'll have to make him check his email... thats if I get time to find a computer and email him! XP

I feel really prepared for this trip! I couldn't have been this prepared without my friend Christine's help though!! She has been to Japan twice now, and both times she has been super organized with information. She has shared all her research and experience with me and I am so grateful!!! She even drew me some maps of tricky places ^_^ so, if you are reading this Christine: THANK YOU!! <3 I hope you know how happy and stress-free you've helped me to be ^___^

I know that no matter how prepared I am, however, thing wont ALWAYS go to plan. But I feel like, for the most part, I am as prepared as I can ever be! :D

Sorry for blabbing on so much about Japan (and I haven't even been yet!) haha!

Well, last weekend we had a BBQ at a friends house. It was alot of role players so I decided to dress up as a faun XD

I spent all Friday night and Saturday morning sewing the black cloak I am wearing- as I needed something warm for the night/plus next weekend is the Medieval Fair and its always cold up there!
It was a fun night, although like always by 12pm I was ready for bed ><; So Mikey and I left around 1- but for some reason both our tummy's didn't agree with the BBQ food so we were both kept awake with gurgling stomachs anyways XD

I also picked up a package from Kelly! She had done a big Taobao order a while ago, and a big group of us got lots of jeans! XD I got a black, navy and hot pink pair! Yay! After riding Mikey's motorbike, all my other jeans died. ><; They split up the thigh because I had to grip so hard not to fall off. haha. So now I have some nice new ones! AND THEY WERE $5 A PAIR. And really good quality! Here's a photo of me in the pink ones- the only downside to the brighter colours is that it accentuates my big thighs ><; But I still love the pink!

And then in the mail I got a really pretty necklace:
SQUEE! I was like "Yay, a necklace with my name on it!" hehe! I feel proud that I can wear it now and know its not just a fashion statement- it is really who I am ^_^

Well, I'd better go as I'm at work (hehe so naughty!)

Next weekend is not only the Medieval Fair, it is also a Japanese festival! So I'm going to the fair on Saturday with Mikey and the festival on Sunday. ^_^ I hope I can update about them both before I fly to Japan!
If not, I will see you all when I get back! <3 :D


  1. $5 a pair with good qualities?
    Links to the shop?

    1. I will have to ask my friend, as she did a big GO for everyone! :D <3