Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cleaning Up the Pixie Dust

Hi everyone!

I've been having what I can only call an indecision regarding my blog.
I started it initially just to have a diary- something to write about my life and for me to look back on and go "oh hey, I remember that!".

But finding my photos online in places, it made me realise how much of myself I was putting out there. I dont mind my mermaid pictures: as long as there is credit to Mizuko it helps with my business. But images of my friends, family, and myself popping up places began to creep me out.

You may or may not notice I've begun deleting photos from old posts- not all photos, but quite a few. Its probably too late: once its online its there forever. But at least this gives me some comfort as to what I'm consciously sharing.

Its not like people are using the photos for anything (not that I know of, and to be honest, not that I care if they are on cgl or whatever) but it was just some clarity which made me go "I dont know if I want to have all these photos online."

And with that, I am unsure if I should continue this blog.

I enjoy it, it gives me time to sit back and think about what to write. Perhaps I'll continue it, but step back from blogging personally. Write more stuff about mermaiding or fashion or something.

But for now, I guess you can call this a hiatus. I need some time to consider the positives.

Thank you for everyone who has been reading my blog, though. And all the kind comments you've left me in the past. I do appreciate it very much!

For now, take care and we'll see how it goes.


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