Friday, May 30, 2014

Changing Tides

Long time no post!

Its been a couple of months since posting, and if you've read my last few updates you'd know I've been having doubts about continuing this blog.

Truth is, I do love blogging. But I'm such an irregular blogger: when I have rare spare time I seem to find myself doing nothing, and when I'm busy... well, I'm very busy!

I had to contemplate on what I loved about blogging.

And in the end, I've discovered what I love writing about most is my projects. Be it tail making, sewing, cosplay or random things. They aren't as personal as a diary, but they still help me remember times in my life that I enjoyed or learnt new things. And I really do love learning new things!

So with that enlightenment, I've decided to change the premise of my blog.

It will now be mainly my projects: past and present.
It means I can write about things I've sewn, mermaid tails and accessories, costume ideas, etc.
(Regardless, its still my blog, so you may see some fashion inspiration posts or mermaid information fluttering about on occasion...)
This relieves a lot of pressure for me. I can write when I have time and when I want to- not because I feel like my blog has been empty for too long.

Eventually I'll update my banner and what-not, and even update with a project post! (I have about 4 projects in the works at the moment, both mermaid and sewing, and I've finished 3 since my last update) But currently I am still, you guessed it, super busy!

If you want to keep up to date with my mermaid business, please follow my Mermaid Mizuko page on Facebook:

For everything else, watch this space! :)

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