Monday, June 23, 2014

20 Minute Bum-Rump

A tiny side-project while I'm working on two costumes for AVCon (which is less than a month away now *sweats*)

20 Minute Bum-Rump.

This literally took 20 minutes.

Super easy to make! Just two crescent shapes of cotton, sew twill tape on one of the shapes ends, pinning down so it wont get caught in the next step. Sew two shapes together, leaving a nice gap so its easy to turn right-side out (pull pins from twill tape so it can fall freely). Fill with stuffing (toy or hobby stuffing) and hand-sew the gap up.

I still need to play around with this one a bit, to push the bumps out of it.

Time to Complete:
20 minutes. ;)

Less than $10.
I used scraps of material I had lying around to make this. The stuffing was only $3 for a huge packet (so I've got tons left over- perhaps I'll make another one?).

Final Thoughts:
For a project I just decided to do on a whim, I'm pleased with it. It'll come in useful in the future when I get time to make more dresses that require this lovely rump. Its not as smooth as I'd like, but nothing a little massaging wont do to fix that. haha!

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