Thursday, January 24, 2013

EOS BlythEye Green

Hiya lovelies!
I am lucky enough to be presenting you the entire series of EOS BlythEye courtesy of Adelaide Little Lens!! :D Here's their link, check out their HUGE range!
You may remember I did a review on the blue ones here -->

Today I'll be showing you BlythEye in Green!
 A nice simple design!
 Look how vibrant they are in my grey eyes! :D
And a sexy wig-cap shot for you to all giggle at. haha!
Unintentionally Lady Gaga-esque. lol.
I tried out the 'cat-earred' hairstyle on my wig, and I quite like it! :D
These lenses are so bright it's almost like they glow <3

Comfort: 9/10
Size: 9/10
Colour/Design: 8/10

Again, these lenses are only 14mm in width (which is small for a girl who likes BIG eyes!) but what they lack in size they make up for in vibrancy!! :D I'm giving it 9/10 for comfort and size because 1. As soon as I put them in I forgot about them- only later in the day did my eyes start to get a bit dry (but that was most likely because of air conditioning) and 2. size-wise, they are small enough to almost look natural but adds a subtle enlarging effect. Colour and design wize- wow! Do these babies pop! Look how bright they are!! I had so many compliments from people the day I wore them, they could see them from across the room! Not so great if you're wanting something natural, but amazing for cosplays or days when you want to be vibrant. I had no trouble with these, even though they are small they dont 'shift' around in my eyes and they are really comfortable!

Keep an eye out for the next review, it'll be just as colourful as this! :D

Dont forget to look at, as at the moment its free standard postage with every purchase before January the 30
th! Get in quick! :D 

Thanks for reading! <3

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