Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Part 1- Holiday Happenings


Hiya lovelies! And welcome into 2013! :D

The last time I posted a comprehensive update was on December 11th... whoops.

A lot has happened since then!
December 14th after work was the Christmas edition of Harajuku Night in our city!
Kelly and I went in simple lolita- we didn't stay very long as we both had things to do that night!
On December 15th it was my birthday! I went with a group of wonderful friends to the beach for lunch and wanders <3
We found a really cool mermaid mural which I had to have a photo in front of. haha!
I got lots of beautiful mermaid things from my girls <3 and lots of shells to be creative with! ;D
Mikey was the official driver! <3

Then, after a week at work, Mikey and I drove back to my hometown for Christmas!

Its a 7 hour drive (if you don't stop for rests too often...) but we've done it a few times now and it's fun!
We had Christmas all together with my family, but Mikey had to leave back for the city just before New Years *cries*
I stayed another 3 weeks! haha! XD
 Mum, Dad and Honey-Belle <3
Dad looks like Patrick Stuart in this photo ^ haha!
 I got an awesome underwater camera for my birthday- so I used it as often as I could!!
Rocky doesn't like going any deeper than this. haha! 
Mum and me!!
 We found a random fish washed up on shore. And a sea-weed ball (but you get those everywhere!)
Mum going for a walk
My friend Elise and I built an awesome sand castle. haha!
 Honey-Belle loves the boogie-board. 
Mum and Dad! <3 (Dad got a new car and wanted a photo with it, haha!)
I didn't get up to much... went swimming almost every day, hung out at the shack with my parents, visited friends and relatives. It was a really great break from city life!
I got to have some small photo shoots too! :D Most of the photos are on my Facebook, so if you haven't had a look please do! And a 'like' would be wonderful too! ;D (I'll talk more about them in Part 2)
Scott and Jacque <3
(Check out their cake!!)
While I was home we had two more big celebrations!
My cousin and her partner got married! They've been together since high school and this was their 10 year as a couple! I cant believe how perfect they are for each other, its truly magical <3
I wore my Innocent World dress to their wedding- just with some black studded heels- and I got lots of compliments! :D
Mum, Grandpa, Rhiannan, Jack, myself and Dad!
Also, a week after their wedding, my sister and her fiance had their Engagement party! They are getting married overseas next year (in Phuket!! YAY! Tropical holiday for the whole family!) so they wanted a big celebration for those who wouldn't make the wedding :)
My sister wore an amazing dress... <3
Finally, after a month home, I flew back to the city! It was so nice to see Mikey again <3
Dress, wristcuffs: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Meta
Shoes: Secret Shop
Then, literally the day after I landed, I went to another lolita swap meet! :D

And I took the Monday off work... >_> cos I still hadn't unpacked! lol! I spent the day cleaning, then managed to go for a nice swim at the pool! :D
I actually ended up swimming at the pool 3 days that week. It was great!

To get on a personal health subject- last year was pretty intense for me. I was sick really often. It was like irritable bowel syndrome but gradually got worse to days when I was nauseous and bloated and couldn't move from bed!! I had no idea what was wrong! It started about a month after I got back from Japan, so for over 6 months it increasingly got worse. After a horrible week where I couldn't eat properly due to this sickness, it occurred to me I was allergic/intolerant to something in my diet. At first I thought it was food colouring. Nope. Then maybe sugar?  Nope. Turned out it was wheat/gluten. :P
So for the last month or so I've been on a COMPLETELY gluten/wheat free diet! And I feel great! :D No more sickness! (Ok, I lie- I've had some accidents where I unintentionally/not knowingly ate gluten. Like on Tuesday- I didn't realize Soy sauce had gluten in it. Yeah. Not fun.) But since being on this diet I have a) lost weight! and b) feel healthier again! 
So when I went swimming in the dive pool that first week, I couldn't believe how much better my body performed. Swimming without flippers/mermaid tail, I can make it from one side of the pool to the other on one breath, and I can still dive down 16feet to the bottom of the dive pool and sit there. My body is THANKING ME for removing its allergens! I feel like this year is going to be a year of improvements for me- physically and health-wise :)

Anyways, thats Part 1 of my time away from blogging! haha! (Figured I'd split it up to save on photo spamming!) Stay tuned for part 2!
Thanks for reading! <3

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