Monday, September 9, 2013

Quiet Weeks, Little Update

Hiya lovelies!

 These last few weeks have been pretty boring- we had plans for BOTH weekends past, but lack of money and sickness destroyed them! I hope to make up for it in the coming weeks ^_^

Here are some random photos to keep my blog running! haha!
Spring means little fluffy caterpillars are out and about :3
Random shot, I half-assed straightened my hair a week ago, and was happy with how the length is going! :D Its longer than my boobs now!

That same day, I decided to wear my new circlet out. I got lots of stares- but lots of compliments! A few people said they hope circlets come in fashion! haha!

This is Scruffy, she is the pet of the owner of the house we have moved in to- she'll eventually leave to live with her owner again, but for now Mikey and I are looking after her!
As you can see, she is happy taking up the whole couch and leaving just the corner to me. haha!

I finally watched The Last Unicorn. And I loved it!! I think I should read the book, too, as it was such a good movie. I'd really love to cosplay Lady Amalthea- so she's on my 'to cosplay' list! :D

Spring brings pretty flowers!

And cherry blossoms! Yay! :D

Last Friday night I went out with some friends to farewell a local lolita who is moving back to Malaysia. It was a really fun night! We had dessert at a dessert bar! Unfortunately, I had to leave early because my bowels were being very unhappy >.< Lucky I did, because I spent the rest of the night on the toilet! D: I didn't know if it was my irritable bowel playing up (maybe I'd eaten some gluten by accident?!) or if I had a tummy bug.

Saturday I was still unwell, but I had to get out of the house to go vote in the Federal Election (which the results of I, and many people I know, are extremely unhappy about). The rest of the day was spent indoors feeling sorry for myself. Sunday I managed to get out of the house for a few hours, visiting the city to get my magazines (Ranzuki, Egg and Popteen) and also finding a pattern that I can alter for Lady Amalthea's dress! But I'm still not well- so I think maybe it is a tummy bug :(

I hope to get better soon!

Thanks for reading!

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