Monday, September 30, 2013

Splish Splash

Hello again!

So, I wouldn't call the last few weeks busy, but looking back it appears I actually got lots done!

Two weekends ago I finally did a photo shoot in my Princess Sakura cosplay!
This was me in the car... taking selfies. haha! This hairstyle makes me look really young!
And here are some photos:
 Rebecca Gray Photography was the awesome photographer behind the pictures!

I ordered some books from Amazon a while ago, and they finally arrived!
I got the last 4 Sailor Moon manga (sob, its sad to know thats the end!) a beautifully illustrated Little Mermaid book, and The Art of The Disney Princess- which is an art book full of beautiful renditions of the Disney Princesses by different artists and styles!

 I was also contacted by the local newspaper to do a quick photo shoot for my mermaid business!
 Taking photos of myself in the car. haha! My disguise so no one knows I'm a mermaid: a tracksuit! haha!
And here's the final picture! The shoot was lots of fun- an attracted quite a crowd of watchers! haha!
I also had an article written about me in The Adelaide Magazine. I feel very lucky to have all this attention lately! Maybe because its coming up to summer? haha!

I also made my first flower crown! I plan to make some more, maybe with shells, so I can wear them with my tail :)

And finally, yesterday the sun was out! So I headed down to the reef to go for a free dive. Luckily, there were another group of freedivers there who were really nice and offered me to join them!
Here we are (besides the person taking the photo) perched on a beam under the jetty:
Unfortunately, the wind made the waves very choppy and rough. It was a struggle to swim against the current, even with my monofin! And because it was rough, the water was very churned up. We couldn't see three feet in front of us! I actually almost hit the reef at one point, because it just appeared in front of me. I cut my hand on some barnacles and now I've got band aids wrapped around my fingers. haha!
But it was lots of fun, and I cant wait until summer, the water is always clearer and less rough then!

Update on my tail making: this weekend I aim to fiberglass the molds!! eep! I'm scared because I've never done it before, and I'm currently still trying to finish my scale mold. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading! <3

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